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We are the Portland, Oregon chapter of Romance Writers of America. Our mission is to educate, support, and mentor published and unpublished members in the profession of romance writing. We welcome anyone who is pursuing their dream of writing romance. If you are new to the area or want to learn more about our chapter, feel free to come for a visit. Check out the membership information or send an email to our Secretary at secretary@rosecityromancewriters.com.


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9am Social hour in the TCB lobby

10am General meeting  –  TCB 218

11:00 Workshop  – TCB 218

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June 8, 2019

What is Point of View?

How do we decide from which POV to tell our story? And why does it matter?

A presentation by Terri Reed

Throughout history, storytellers have been grappling with these questions. Mastering the art of POV is something writers must do to keep the reader engaged and immersed in their story. Join award-winning, multi-published author Terri Reed as we explore the intricacies of point of view.

PCC Sylvania, TCB218
9 a.m. Social Hour
10 a.m. Meeting
11 a.m. Presentation