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We are the Portland, Oregon chapter of Romance Writers of America. Our mission is to educate, support, and mentor published and unpublished members in the profession of romance writing. We welcome anyone who is pursuing their dream of writing romance. If you are new to the area or want to learn more about our chapter, feel free to come for a visit. Check out the membership information or send an email to our Secretary at secretary@rosecityromancewriters.com.


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9am Social hour in the TCB lobby

10am General meeting  –  TCB 218

11:00 Workshop  – TCB 218


October 13, 2018

11 AM Workshop

Workshop in a Box: Markicity 101
Presented by Jessie Edwards, RWA Marketing and PR Manager

Congratulations, your book will soon be in the world for readers to enjoy! Now is not the time to sit back and relax, though–how will readers know your book is available to be enjoyed if you haven’t told anyone about it? In this workshop, we will discuss a basic overview of where to start in terms of marketing and publicity, or “markicity.”  We’ll take a look at your most important marketing and publicity tools, community-building strategies, pitching–your book and you, how to determine what to spend your time on, as well as some tips for working with a traditional publisher to enhance their efforts.

  • What is Markicity?
  • Most Important Marketing Tools
    • Website
    • Email newsletter
  • Building Community
    • How important is social media?
    • Networking
    • Reader groups/street teams
  • Pitching you vs pitching your book
    • Reviews
    • Trend pieces
    • Blogs
  • Hiring a publicist
  • Events
  • Working with a traditional publisher on publicity + marketing
    • Timeline
    • Expectations
    • Helping your publisher help you