NAME: Genene Valleau
CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Just finished line edits for my February 2009 release
MOOD: Loving the autumn sunshine!

My name is Genene Valleau and I’m not a Big Blogger.

Well, except for a nip — I mean, a morning peek or two at chapter blogs, I rarely imbibe in blogs. Because, let’s face it: blogs can be addictive. Just the blogs recommended by previous bloggers this month are a sore temptation to spend endless hours perched in front of the computer sampling one blog concoction after another. The mere idea of such a blog binge intoxicates me. However, my family, friends and creditors would be sorely unhappy if I took that wicked path.

Joking aside, I am amazed at the number of blogs available and the myriad of topics they cover. However, other than a page of “Thoughts and Meanderings” on my Web site that gets rare updates, I only blog once a month on our RCRW blog and twice a month on the Mid-Willamette Valley RWA blog with an occasional guest blog elsewhere.

Witty writing repartee is not one of my strong points. So I am not going to inundate you with recommended blog sites. Instead, I would invite you to sample one or two of the blogs recommended earlier in the month, then go out and enjoy the autumn sunshine!

P.S. And come visit my Web site for monthly contests and upcoming releases when you have time!

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