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I moan into my ambrosia and pull the shawl around my shoulders. The autumn air is brisk at this time of year in the late a.m. It’s been simply weeks since the release of Claudia’s Pleasure, my delighful romp among Los Angeles’ twenty-somethings working in the B-movie industry, and no reviews. Sigh. No royalty statement yet either, so no way to judge whether my genius has attracted notice among the romantica-reading public or not. My purple-painted eyelids are fluttering open now with the infusion of my favorite beverage, so it’s time to peruse my Blackberry and all the lovely emails it holds.

Delight! Terror! I have reviews! I have not been forgotten by the reading public. Will my blood, sweat and tears by laughed at or praised? With trembling fingers, I press the keys to open the emails. In part, I find this:

“Sin-Sational! Ms. Leod penned this exceptionally sexy tale with taste and style. Looking for more fireworks in their relationship; both Claudia and Sam are committed to each other and their needs. Captivating dialogue and spicy sex scenes keep you riveted to the pages, but you never forget the deep love Claudia and Sam share. All in all it is one extraordinary erotic romance.”

Dear, dear, Coffeetime Romance. Wateena, a reviewer, is my best friend for the day and we exchange pleasantries with one another over email. Night Owl Romance has reviewed me kindly as well. All is well in Anh Leod’s world. At least until I remember I need to start promoting my October 10th release, the sequel to darling Claudia, and possibly write a third book in the series, because Holly needs a man or two of her own.

Another day in the life of a writer…

Blurb for Cherokee’s Playmates:

Cherokee and Dylan look for love in the standalone sequel to Claudia’s Pleasure.
New lovers Cherokee and Dylan are hunting for a woman to make their romance complete. As the son of a god, Cherokee has been alive for too many years to think he can meet all his needs with only one of the sexes. If he doesn’t have sex every couple days, his essence is pulled back to Olympus, where he will be his father’s slave until he escapes.

Dylan never stays in relationships long because he finds them confining. He doesn’t believe he can be happy with one person. Will two make him want to settle down?

When the guys meet Brandi D’Angelo, a member of Hollywood royalty, they think she’s The One. Will she agree?

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