A Day in the Life, Take Two

Posted by: Heather Hiestand
Working on: Whatever was requested most convincingly at the Emerald City Writers Conference
Mood: Tenuously cheerful (stolen from Karen Duvall, but I like it!)

Today, October 13th, I’m hung over from conference. I got home at a reasonable hour, but my Sunday focuses on getting my husband ready to go back out on the road for another week, so there isn’t much time to decompress. Then, this morning, I get right up and dash to work in Portland. Sometimes my commute is 65 minutes now, one way! Disgusting. It ought to be 30. Life is not particularly glamorous at the moment.

My fantasy is that I’d have time to write, but there hasn’t been much of that lately. And frankly, I need to unpack, do the household cleaning and laundry, promote the book that came out on Friday while I was at conference and get through five days of email when I get home.

When I first sold, I thought I’d make enough writing that I wouldn’t need to work outside the home very much. All I can do is keep writing the best book I can, but I also need an income, and now work more than double the hours I used to when I first sold. A day in the life isn’t spent dreaming up stories so much anymore, and my output has dramatically reduced. But at least I can afford to buy books sometimes! That, my friends, has always been my favorite luxury.

As Erasmus said, ““When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.”


A Day in the Life, Take Two — 2 Comments

  1. Hey, Heather! Great quote from Erasmus! Unfortunately, my doggies disagree, so their food comes first. LOL!

    May you soon make enough from writing that you don’t need to work so many hours. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Genene! And for anyone who is reading comments:

    The gorgeous Forbidden Fantasies anthology from Ellora’s Cave, being printed
    and distributed by Pocket Books, has arrived! You can find all the information on the website, at

    There is a great contest for anyone who buys the book during October 14 – 18. The rules are on the website. But not only can you enter to win a Fujitsu tablet PC – just by entering the contest, you get 25% off all your purchases direct from EC through the end of year! That’s any ebook or print book or other merchandise you buy from EC, CP or TLC. You can catch up on all the Heather Hiestand/Anh Leod titles, including Cherokee’s Playmates which is freshly out in time for Halloween!

    Hey, with 25% off, you basically can order four books for the price of three!

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