by Genene Valleau
Currently working on: Patching up the holes in the side of my house caused by remodeling and preparing for a modified NaNoWriMo
Mood: Fantastic, just like the weather we’ve been having!

I awake refreshed, with my well-behaved crew of doggies around me. The early morning sunshine promises another 75-degree day, so I take a walk along the white sandy beaches in front of my beautiful beach house, with my fur babies chasing waves and seagulls.

After the doggie crew and I return home and eat a scrumptious and healthy breakfast, I settle on the beach in a lounge chair with my laptop. The muse is smokin’ this morning and I pound out a hundred pages before noon. Taking a break to let the keyboard cool down, my doggies and I once again take to the beach, this time for a swim in the shimmering blue water.

Lunch is a picnic under the shade of a palm tree. The muse is itching to finish that story; however, I have a massage scheduled, so I use the voice recognition software on my computer. It works perfectly, and I reach the happily-ever-after ending just in time to dress for the luau celebrating the release of my latest book at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

I pat my doggies good-bye and promise them leftovers from the feast…

Well, I am a writer of fiction, so why not put that gift to work in my own life? LOL!

My “reality” does include a crew of doggies, but I’ve not come anywhere close to finishing a book in a day, nor to hitting the NYT bestseller list (yet!). I don’t plan to officially sign up for National Writing Month–I just want to write as many words as possible in November to make up for the writing time I’ve not had while working on other projects. That gives me less than a week to come up with a solution to the holes in the side of my house. However, I’m confident all will work out!

What’s your fantasy day–writing, reading or otherwise?

P.S. Come visit a world closer to my reality at www.genenevalleau.com. Contests every month, as well as my latest writing news!



  1. Bwa ha! I knew this was fantasy as soon as I got to the “well-behaved doggies” part. Yeah, I have that fantasy too 🙂 Can I come for a writers’ retreat on your Fantasy Island. (“Da plane! Da plane!”)

  2. I know this is a fantasy because laptops don’t work well on a beach. But wouldn’t it be cool if they did?

    Right now my fantasy is that I sit down and write twenty very successful pages every single day. So far, I can say I write pages.

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