I don’t have a picture, but my “official” writing space is a bedroom turned into an office. Imagine if you will, a ten-by-ten room, one wall occupied by floor to ceiling, side-by-side desks. One for the husband. One for me. On the second wall is a cabinet and work table for his hobbies. On the back wall the window is covered up by file cabinets that sit on top of a dresser. The last wall is taken up by a floor to ceiling bookshelf. Two shelves are mine, with the bottom one filled to overflowing with my to-be-read stacks.

Unofficially, my writing space includes the dining room, living room, and occasionally, if I’m desperate, Barnes and Noble in Clackamas. I wrote my first book during the morning commute to work, when I rode the bus from home to downtown Portland.

I’m a restless writer, and always start out brainstorming characters and the outline of my story in a spiral notebook. Everything goes in there. The notebook goes everywhere with me, hence the rotating office between the dining room and the living room, and wherever.

When I write the first draft, it too goes in the notebook. From there, I transfer what I’ve written onto into the computer, which is a laptop I can dock in the office if I feel inspired to do so…and so on with the second draft, which is a printed, hard copy revision. I do two final revisions on the computer. I often need a change of scenery, and the laptop lets me get away with that. So, when I say, I working in my office, well…


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  1. Hey, Su! Where’s your name on here?! I totally recognize your style, though, and it’s so cool to have this kind of insight into how writers work. One of my favorite artists has her studio in a corner of her bedroom – and she’s done work that’s been shown nationally! It’s really inspiring to remember that if you have the commitment, you’ll make the time and find the space to do your creative work – even if it’s one tiny corner of a 10×10 room or the couches at a bookstore! love, Bridget

  2. Hi Bridget! Thanks for stopping by. It is amazing that creativity can happen anywhere really. And, I love that moment when it just pops. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to hunt down a napking to write inspiration on.

    Yes, next time I post I’ll fix the “name” thing. I’m so new at this, I’m still learning how best to manage the machinery.

    Su (Susan Lute)

  3. Sounds like wonderful arrangement, Susan! I’m relegated to a small corner in the living room. I don’t think I could share an office with DH…too much muttering. ~LOL~ Great piece! 🙂

  4. Hi Minnette,

    Actually it was his office first, so I can’t complain 🙂 He’s never in there though, prefers the living room. Mostly it’s his catch all room. It didn’t take much to talk him into carving out some space for me 😀


  5. Glad to hear you’ve carved out some space, Su! I hear you about the spiral notebook. I do that too in the brainstorming stages. But once I start writing, it’s on the computer all the time. I just don’t have the patience for long hand anymore. Way too slow.

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