At a perfect booksigning…

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With only a handful booksignings on my ledger, I haven’t chalked up too many stories yet–funny or otherwise. One of the signings was at last year’s Readers’ Luncheon. Two other signings were with a group of authors who write many different kinds of books: mysteries, nonfiction, children’s books and more, as well as a couple of us who write romances.

One of those signings wasn’t very well attended by the public, so I spent most of the time circulating among the twenty or so authors at the event, chatting about their books and adding to my “to be read” boxes. Though I only sold a couple books, I had a wonderful time and made some new friends.

The next signing with this eclectic group of authors was at a mall before Christmas. The mall had a good number of shoppers moving through, with a variety of reactions that many authors have experienced (went out of their way to walk around us, ignored us as if there weren’t eighteen authors sitting at tables, zeroed in on one or two authors, thoughtfully looked at the books of each of the authors, etc.) Again, I sold only a few books, but had a good time talking to the other authors and to the people who did stop by to chat. (The photo shows me with Minnette Meador–seated on the left–and Samantha Waltz–seated on the right.)

Now, since I don’t have any actual funny stories to share, I’m going to make up a story about my idea of what a perfect booksigning could be…

I show up early to a beautifully decorated table with my books displayed in generous stacks. The bookseller greets me with a smile and says the huge bouquet of flowers is a small way to say thank you. The booksigning is prominently advertised throughout the store and the rest of the shopping mall. Readers are already in line, avidly reading my books while they wait. I say hello and settle into a luxurious chair with heat and massage controls. Then the real fantasy begins…

Each reader tells an anecdote of how one of my books touched their heart or moved them to tears or helped them to think of a loved one in a more positive light. With each book I sign, I offer a gift from my special booksigning bag, a flower from the bouquet and, often, a hug as each reader drops their name into heart-shaped box for a chance to win a basket brimming with goodies at the end of the day.

As the booksigning winds down, my readers and I relax over an informal buffet, talking of books and how reading has enriched our lives. When the last reader leaves, I realize once again that they have given me a great gift: the knowledge that words do have the power to change lives. Humbled, I take the last remaining flower from the bouquet, thank the bookseller for all her hard work, and go home to my computer. Another story is waiting to be written.

So what’s your fantasy booksigning–either as a writer or a reader meeting your favorite author?


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  1. My fantasy signing is similar to yours, except with so many people that they have to have tickets in advance (free tickets, but just to control the crowds). I have handlers collecting names with correct spellings (honest to gosh, I had a woman say her name was Sue one time, then when I started to write it out and asked if it was with the e or without it, she told me it was actually Sioux) and opening books to the correct page.

    Also, you left out the limo. I dream of a limo delivering me to the door, then swooping me away afterward as adoring fans wave and clutch books to their chests.

  2. Fun blog, Genene. I know what you mean. I’ve had several signings when I was all by myself and wondered if I had a disease I didn’t know about! LOL

    My favorite booksigning was my debut signing. Sold thirty books and had a wonderful time with all my friends.

    Your perfect booksigning will happen one day!

  3. Ooh, Lisa, love the idea of a limo and advance tickets! With the unusual spelling of my name, I should know never to assume how to spell a name, but Sioux would probably have tripped me up also!

  4. Wow, Genene. I like your fantasy. Adding the limo is okay too–but only if it has a lot of headroom. I road in my first limo at the RWA conference in San Francisco and I felt like a squashed gorilla. The seat to floor length was about 9 inches. My knees were practically at my chin, and climbing in and out with a full length gown was laughable.

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