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Even though it seems Thanksgiving only receives slight notice as our society rushes toward Christmas, it is a time for me to pause and list some of the things that fill me with gratitude. I have a long list, even in this chaotic economic time. Here is a sampling–some of them serious, some of them silly–that hopefully will bring a smile or a nod to you.

— My house is warm and mostly dry–except for the window I forgot to caulk when we were remodeling.

— My sons are alive and mostly well after health crises for both of them in late summer.

— I can see that darn blinking cursor, and most of the time there are words beside it.

— I have a steady source of income and other jobs that add to it.

— My dogs adore me–as long as meals are on time–and love to cuddle.

— I have the power to heal and sometimes I quit whining long enough to use it.

— My car is paid for and my bills are up to date.

— Flowers are still blooming in my yard and the sun still shines between rain storms long enough to get out and enjoy them.

— I can walk, I can run–though kinda slowly–and I can laugh.

— My grandkids take time out from their video games to play cards or board games with me.

— My kids sometimes call just to say hello.

— My “work” is things I love to do.

— I have yummy food to eat and not all of it is chocolate.

— The piles of laundry on my dining room table are clean and dry.

— The lights still come on when I flip the switch and the thermostat on the furnace works.

— The dishes are washed and the dusting can wait another few days.

— I have a whirlpool tub in my beautifully remodeled bathroom.

— After 14 years, one of my animal companions transitioned without assistance. His physical presence will be terribly missed, but he is free from the constraints of a physical body that no longer served his beautiful spirit.

— I can write, I can see, I can feel, I can love.

AND…other writers who take the time to support each other and to share their thoughts. Please share one or two of your own special items of gratitude if you are so inclined and aren’t too exhausted from shopping. 🙂 

Watch for my soon-to-be-updated Web site at and the release of CHASING RAINBOWS, a romantic comedy novella, in “A Valentine’s Anthology,” February 2010.



  1. Lovely attitude, Genene.

    I see you lost an animal companion this year. I still miss my little Susie who left this world on Nov. 6th. Your words about your pet were comforting to me.

    And I’m thankful to still have a scamp of a terrier who is scrambling to fill all our dogly needs, though he misses Susie too.

    Oh so thankful for fresh ground coffee each morning and the DH who makes it!

  2. That’s a very nice list, Genene. Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry for the loss of you your doggie. (((hugs))) I’m glad he transitioned naturally and is in peace and comfort now.

    I’m thankful for my awesome children and my wonderful husband.

    I’m thankful for knowledge and continuing education.

    And I’m thankful that we’re still relatively free in this country. I’m hanging on to the last vestiges of it with my teeth and nails! LOL

    Thanks again for your great list! Happy Holidays!

  3. Genene,
    I loved your list and I think sometimes we forget about the little things that make our lives so enriched.

    I’m thankful for a wonderful son who brings a smile to my face whenever I think of him and who always tries to make me laugh even when sometimes I don’t feel like it. And for my wonderful lab/shar pei mix who has brought us so much joy since we adopted her in 2004.

    And for a wonderful family spread across the US who I don’t get to see as much as I’d like but are still with me in spirit in good times and bad.

    Thank you again Genene for reminding me of what is truly important to me.

  4. Hi, Emily! I’m glad you found comfort in my words for the loss of your fur baby . It does help to have other canine companions. They don’t replace the one who has transitioned, but they do ease the grieving process.

    (((HUGS))) on your recent loss–and congrats on fresh coffee that’s fixed by someone else!

  5. Hi, Piper! Thanks for stopping by and adding items of gratitude, as well as the kind words about my fur baby!

    And I had to look really hard to find the typo. Maybe I should step away from the computer and give my eyes a rest. 🙂

  6. LOL, Therese!

    I have to agree with your grandma that refrigerators and running water are definitely items to be grateful for! Some things we take for granted today were luxuries just a few generations ago. Amazing how things have changed!

  7. I’ve been thinking lately how much I appreciate email and the internet because they are the vehicles that keep me in touch with family and friends. If it were a matter of handwritten letters as is was in my childhood, those connections just wouldn’t have been kept up, or would never have happened, because writing letters just takes so much more time.

    Through the internet, we found the shelter where we found Frankie, our new cat.

    The internet connected a very distant cousin to me, and last night, another one who I haven’t seen since she was a baby. Now we’re all connecting in the probing of our past and learning new family secrets and stories.

    Email keeps me in touch with other writers, and makes it possible for my daughter to communicate when she
    has a spare minute, and to read my replies in another stolen break.

    Lately I’ve been in contact with two editors, and I’ve been able to send them what they want without even leaving my home, and at no cost. And they don’t have to wait for the stuff to arrive and go through the mail room.

    I can pay a bill, buy a Christmas present, send a donation to Mercy Corps, all just by typing and clicking.

    I can research in ways I never imagined only a few years ago. Whatever I want to know, someone has the information, and it’s on the net.

    I may be terribly dependent on the internet, but I don’t mind at all. It has its foibles and frustrations, but my life is better for it.

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