Author Marketing 101

with C Morgan Kennedy & Therese Patrick
aka Cheryl & Mary…

  • Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive – use low cost and no-cost methods 
  • Marketing isn’t a time suck if you focus – spend 10% of your writing time on marketing
  • Marketing is the bridge between media & money
  • Platform means nothing if you don’t reach out from it

  • Readers do not identify with author angst
  • YA readers do not care about menopausal meanderings

PERSONA – what your interests are and how you are engaging your readers.

WEBSITE – youre reception area & your shopping cart for readers

What do you write?
Who is your audience?
What is their natural habitat?

What images come to mind
3-5 images
3-5 colors

Think about who you want to be…

How do you want to be perceived by your audience?


Be sure that what you put out there is something you can hold true to over the long term, and in social situations.
Seamless self promotion -> you are your biggest fan
Point-of-Purpose Marketing – How you encourage readers to buy at signings and events. pop-up displays, chocolate, props to incite conversation

Pull Marketing – pull people towards your books and events. (visiting blogs, blogging)

Push Marketing – focus on connections with readers & their desire to be entertained and informed about your book, or topics in your books (website, social networking)

Aside from Sarah – if anyone wants their left book pierced, go to Keepsake Tatoo in Astoria and ask for her son


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  1. When I first glanced at this I wondered why you chose a picture of an old school marm. But I was reading your notes and saw Cheryl’s picture. Goodness, when did I get old?

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