.Book Signings–All part of the job!

Terri Reed

Currently working on: an inspirational romantic suspense titled Chasing Shadows, due in March coming out in December 2009
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Here I am with fellow RCRW author Shirley Karr. This was at the Sellwood Public Library for their Romance day.

I wish I had some funny tales to dazzle you all with but I don’t. I have some irritating tales, hmmm, not what you want to hear about.

Book signings are part of the authors job. With each new release I look for avenues to promote my books, sometimes that’s through signings. I prefer to do signings with other authors. It makes the time pass more quickly. A large group of authors will draw in more readers and hopefully boost sales. One thing I like about signings when there is a big group is to watch the expressions of the shoppers as they move from one author to another, that can be comical, especially when the whole gamet of the romance genre is represented from inspirational to contemporary to historical to light or dark paranormal to erotic. Some shoppers just take a piece of free chocolate (always have to have chocolate at signings), some stop to ask questions (usually “where’s the bathroom?”) and others might actually read the back blurb (that’s the cue for the verbal pitch which sometimes requires explaining the genre and of course offering to sign the book for them).

Well, back to writing so I’ll have a book to sign next December.

Happy New Year everyone!


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  1. Yep, the bathroom is important…as is the coffee shop, for many, many reasons. I love watching their faces, too, especially when they discover the erotic novel. Ah, that look of blissful guilt! 🙂

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