Choose one moment? NEVER!

Currently: I am preparing for the launch of my debut book and the first in my School
of Gallantry series, MISTRESS OF PLEASURE, which will be out in only 12 days. ACK!
It’s both exciting and exhausting. The good news is that I am actually still writing despite
the chaos and despite the fact that the kids are not yet back in school. I have officially commenced book 3, Moment of Pleasure, (yay!) and am speeding toward having
a three book proposal ready for my agent and editor by mid-September.

Mood: Insanely excited. This sort of excitement should be illegal…

So for the topic of the month, I was supposed to blog about my most memorable conference moment. To this I say, I am a rebel and REFUSE to choose merely one moment. That would be like asking a parent to choose which child was their favorite. I met my editor and agent for the first time. I met fellow Kensington authors I have been cyber chatting with all year. And of course That being said, I am and always have been of the belief that pictures can sometimes be far more expressive and entertaining than words (though I can’t support that belief often or we’ll all be out of jobs…). So below, you will find “moments” from the San Francisco conference caught by my i-phone.

Need I say more?

Italian wine airing on the table. AT THE FOUR SEASONS, mind you. Myself, Christina McMorris and her mother Linda (who were up for the Golden Heart) and Mary Lou celebrated together in style. By far, an exquisite experience, me being a foodie and all. I was having such a bloody good time that I ended up drinking far more than I should have. I ended up being “guided” out by all the girls. Most certainly a “moment.” Fortunately, I still remember all of it.

My amazing meal of Kobe steak. AT THE FOUR SEASONS (I still haven’t recovered).

Caviar and lobster and mushroom caps. AT THE FOUR SEASONS.

These are authentic historical weapons. I attended a fabulous class on weaponry at the Hearts through History and Beau Monde Conference just shortly before conference officially commenced.

Creating sultry clinch cover pictures with my roommates while basking in the glory of all the books we all scored with. This sexy kitten is my CP, and writer extraordinaire, Maire Jolie.

My fantastic roommate, Lenora Bell, looking wickedly sultry and stunning.
My other gorgeous roommate, Hannah Rhys Barnes, knowing how to strut her stuff.
The weaponry class from the Hearts Through History and Beau Monde Conference. This is a Lady’s pistol from the early 1800’s. It was the first time in my life I ever truly wanted to own a weapon. It was absolutely beautiful, its history rolling off of it.

My wonderful roommates, Jessie and Hannah.
We arrived early to San Francisco to take in the sights.

Japan town. All over these bamboo plants, there were hundreds of colorful papers attached to the branches by rubber hands. On each paper, wishes and hopes written upon every one. I added my wish to one of the trees. If it comes true, I am donating a huge sum of money to the owner of these bamboo plants.

Lacey’s Textile Museum. All the clothing from the early and late 19th century was so beautifully displayed and preserved. I didn’t want to leave! This here is a spencer jacket and gown from 1810. What was worse than leaving this place? Leaving broke. I ended up spending over $200 in research books that I simply could not pass up. Most were imported from England.

Yes, let me explain this one. Lenora, Maire, Kristina, Linda and myself found ourselves at the Supper Club. When you enter, they stamp you with one of two stamps. Either slut or bitch. Lenora here was a slut. I was a bitch (how did they know?) They then whisked us into this fabulously all white room, with white lacquered stairs and walls and ceilings and white huge cushioned lounging chairs that were really more like beds. We all were laying around the entire night, being served on hand and foot with fabulous food, watching amazing entertainment, taking massages from a gal that was going around offering and talking the whole night.

Now what sort of a post would this have been if I had pasted up one little measly photo? Overindulgence is good. Do remember that. Especially when you’re at conference. Until next time.


Delilah Marvelle


Choose one moment? NEVER! — 10 Comments

  1. Excellent post, Delilah! I love the pics of your roommates lying on the books. Very cleaver. It was awesome to meet you and I only wish I had been there for your Sex through history presentation. I’m certain you were smashing. 🙂

  2. Great post, Delilah! Like Kimberly, I love the book cover photos, too. 🙂

    Speaking as one who lives in SF, you went to some great places. Isn’t the Supper Club fun? When we went, the Porno Clowns entertained us. LOL (BTW – Their name is much more racy than they actually were).

    Glad you enjoyed the conference in SF!

  3. Great pictures! I enjoyed your post (and, of course, meeting you in SF :). My husband, who was wandering through the room just now, was thrilled to see the pistol photo. “Oh! A flint-lock derringer!!” he said, with great excitement… (Too bad, in his opinion, that I write contemporaries. 🙂 Looking forward to your book release, Delilah!

  4. Great post, Delilah, and it was terrific to meet you in SF. Sounds like you really enjoyed the full Monty–I hardly left the hotel! Good luck on your upcoming release. This has got to be a truly special time for you. Congratulations!

  5. Love the pix! A good time was most clearly had by all. I can’t wait for the celebration in DC next year!

    My first sale ribbon, your first signing. Tea party time, baby!

  6. Thank you Kimberly!!! I was SO awesome to meet you, too. I only wished I had more time with you!
    Eliza, the bitch and slut stamps were my favorite, too, I admit, LOL. And if you’re in DC next year, then I’ll definately be seeing you, because I’m THERE. Hi Rachelle!!! Loved, loved, loved the supper club! I wouldn’t have known about it if it weren’t for a local San Fran person who told me about it. The Porno clowns sound fun!!! We had a trapeze act, a man in only short, shorts and a fabulous singer who reminded me of a combination of Dido and Gem. It was amazing! Hi Marilyn!!! It was awesome meeting you too!!! As I said before, I wished I had had more time with all of you gals in San Fran. The time went by way too fast. And very cool about your husband. He’s got good taste. But then, of course, that’s pretty obvious seeing he has a woman like you 😀 Hello there Kate!!! It was great meeting you too!! (I tell you, I met so many people, it was AWESOME). Thanks for the congrats on my upcoming release! I am slowly but surely freaking out. Jessa, baby, you, me and a big PARTEEE. LOL It’s gonna be awesome celebrating with you! DC can’t come soon enough!

  7. Awesome, Delilah! I didn’t see that Derringer, I’m sorry to say. But I got in on the Arms and Armour, and got some great photos. Those old guns are gorgeous, aren’t they? The workmanship is breath-taking.


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