Christmas Concert with The Trail Band

Last night we attended a Christmas concert at the Aladdin Theatre.
This is the third year we’ve attended and it is so enjoyable every year. The Trail Band is a 8-piece all-star group of musicians from Oregon that present musical theatre performances dramatizing the history and music of the West.(from their website)

This description doesn’t do them justice. The musicians are superb, each able to play various different instrusments with amazing ability. Cornet, tenor horn, tuba, fiddles, hammer dulcimer, guitars, penny whistle, mandolin, piano, saxophone, spoons, bones, drums, bass, and recorders combine with their rich vocal harmonies. And several of the members are wonderful story tellers. They kept my children’s attention throughout the performance, which is saying alot for an eleven year old and a fifteen year old.
There are special guests each year. One of the ‘regular’ special guests is Linda Hornbuckle. If you’ve never heard her sing, you are missing out! She is amazing and a local talent.

A neat tidbit is that Rindy and Marv Ross, two of the bands members, were the founders of Quarterflash, whose award-winning debut album on Geffen Records went platinum in 1982. (from their website)
Does anyone remember them? I graduated high school in 1982 and I LOVED Quarterflash. The first year we attended the concert my husband reconized Rindy. We were blown away.

They are playing tongiht, Saturday and Sunday at the Aladdin Theatre. If you want to get in the Christmas spirit a fun and upbeat way, get yourself to their concert. It will be well worth your time and effort.


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