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Terri Reed
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Picking just one favorite moment of the RWA National conference held in San Francisco wasn’t possible for me. I have so many wonderful memories.

I met with five of the six other women that I blog with at (pictured here at the Harlequin party-Pamela Tracey, Roxanne Rustand, Debby Gusti, Lisa Margaret Daley, Lisa Mondello and me). The Harlequin party was a blast, with great music and lots of dancing. Its fun to see the editors cut loose.
I attended some very informative workshops and reconnected with people I only get to see once a year, which is always a highlight. As was visiting the wharf with two of my fellow board members and visiting Alcatraz with RCRW members, Darla, Ginger, Su and her husband. It was a beautiful day and we all got a little pink from the sun.
Being on the national board also added to the experience. The board arrived the Saturday before conference started for the board meeting, which went extremely well. The women who serve on the national board are talented, intelligent and thoughtful, with a deep commitment for the future of RWA.
The RITA gala was wonderfully done. The speakers for the Keynote, the Lunchoen and the MC of the RITA gala were awesome and awe inspiring.
Overall, I think this conference was the best I’ve attended.


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  1. Everyone looks so elegant in the photo. I’ve heard great things about publisher parties. Rather like the festivals on Mt. Olympus. Dancing & ambrosia. And goddesses, of course.

  2. Thanks for sharing a picture of you and your blog partners. It’s always great to get a sense of the parties and festivities. I agree this was the past national certainly in recent history.

  3. I thought SF was the best conference ever, too. And, going to Alcatraz with Darla, Terri and Dave (my hubby) was fabulous. Even better was conquering the Golden Gate Bridge on foot. Dave and I hiked across and back in about an hour. No Dar, we didn’t feel the bridge swaying 🙂

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