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So I planned to have this blog up and ready by 6am. Alas, you can see I’m a wee bit late. And there’s one major reason. You see, last night – when I should have been putting this blog together – I was reading. What was I reading? Our very own Kristina McMorris‘s Between The Lines. And I got so wrapped up in this fabulous book, I didn’t write a single word. Not on this blog or on my wip or on my editor revisions for Stolen Fury, which are due in, um, like a week. So blame Kristina for my being distracted. I am. 😉

Since I’m in the mood to blame Kristina, I’ll also add that because I was so engrossed in her book, I didn’t have a chance to clean my desk before taking this picture. I do most of my edits here, my promo work and all my email and chapter work here (in case you didn’t know, while I’m a member of RCRW, I’m also the president of the Mid-Willamette Valley RWA chapter in Salem). You’ll notice I have piles of notes on the left side of my computer – things I need to work on, letters to respond to, etc. On the right I have a couple boxes of business cards that were just delivered, and which I have no idea where to store. On the floor on the left is my spiffy red computer bag (I love that thing) and my signature flip-flops, which, in the summer, I never go anywhere without. What you can’t see on the right, behind my chair, is the stack of books in my TBR pile. At least 15 books I’m saving for vacation in August – and all books I can’t wait to read.

I do write at my desk sometimes, but the bulk of my writing is done here. On my living room couch. Not sure why, I think maybe it’s because this is where I started writing long before I had my own desk and special place. Can’t seem to get out of that mindset.
Far and away, the most important item on my desk – aside from my laptop which isn’t always ON my desk – is this Believe sign. It sits on my desk always, and every time I sit down to work, I see it like a shining beacon. I got it a year before I sold, when I was going through a period where I was feeling down about the state of the market, how long my book had been “out there” and what was going to happen next. I believe in the power of positive thinking, and seeing this every day helped reinforce my belief that if I worked hard and didn’t give up, I’d eventually sell. To this day I am 100% convinced that positive thinking worked.

What’s the one thing that keeps you going when you’re feeling down? Is it something visual or is it more internal?


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  1. I like your visual reminder to BELIEVE. Writers hear “no” so often you HAVE to practice positive self-talk to survive. (My CPs would laugh; I’m usually the queen of negative self-talk.) I have a fetish altar where I keep all my superstitious paraphrenalia: inspiring cards from my mom, a Chinese chop that imprints ‘tell good tales’ in red ink, a bracelet of lucky stones, etc. Not sure if they work but they all whisper “yes” when I’m writing.

  2. What keeps me going is seeing all these neat and tidy offices and mine is going to need a major cleaning BEFORE I take a photo to put up on the blog! Maybe even repaint the walls…


    Like Jessica, I really like your “BELIEVE” sign. What keeps me going is both internal and external. I have little patience for whining and being negative, especially in myself, so when I see myself sliding in that direction, I put a figurative foot up my fanny and sternly talk to myself. That usually triggers an external reminder such as an e-mail from someone with words of wisdom I need or suggestions on how to face what I’m dealing with.

    However, procrastinating is a whole ‘nother world. I consider that a valid exercise in thinking things through completely before I jump into something. 🙂

    Now I’m off to consider how much of the “stuff” in my office falls into the “lucky charm” category…

  3. Love the sign! …and BTW, how could you possibly get that desk any cleaner? Sheesh! ‘I consider ‘procrastination’ as a valid exercise in thinking things through completely before I jump into something.’ ~LOL~ Is this true? OMG, I’ve been doing that for years! What a relief…Really nice writing space, my dear, and the couch looks perfect! I have a recliner that actually serves me as my “editing” and “research” heaven, but I’ve been writing there a lot lately…comfort is getting to be more and more important to me as the years fly by…:)

  4. ROFL, Genene. I bet you could classify every item in your office as “lucky” for one reason or another.

    And um, yeah. We won’t even get into the whole procrastination thing. I’m queen in that realm.

  5. I don’t do much actual writing at my desk either. I sit on the couch or on my bed. I like to sit back with my feet propped up.

    I have a lovely ‘believe’ sign on my desk, too. A special gift from an author who believes in me and wants me to do the same.

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