RCRW Spring Fling
April 13, 2019


Top Eleven Productivity Myths and Why You Should Stop Believing Them Right Now

Why can’t I write faster?
Why can’t I stay off Facebook?
Why can’t I get myself un-stalled in my manuscript?
Why do I wake up with the best of intentions and then go to sleep feeling like I accomplished nothing?
If you have asked yourself any of these questions, or any myriad of other questions about your own productivity, then you need to come to the Top Eleven Productivity Myths workshop, presented by coach, consultant, and speaker, Becca Syme. Our brain chemistry rules so much of our decision making, and what you don’t know about your own brain could be hampering your productivity, and it could be keeping you from having the kind of forward motion that you’ve always dreamed about.

Becca Syme specializes in success coaching for authors and has a background in the study of transformation and organizational/personal management. She’s coached and consulted individuals and businesses from a range of backgrounds. She lives in Montana with her wine-drinking cat and the most spectacular skyline in the known world outside her office window.


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