Excerpt Month: Cards Never Lie

Cards Never Lie


Melanie Vanderpool stroked her fingers across the tarot cards stacked before her.

Madame Lois nodded, her rainbow-colored earrings tinkling with the motion. “Offer your question to the cards, my dear.”

Melanie forced herself to stop fidgeting in the metal fold-up chair. This little store alcove tucked away on funky Roosevelt Avenue was a great place to start her new wild life, right? Okay, cards, come on, show me this soul mate Mom always promised was coming my way.

She removed her fingers from the cards. Across from her, Madame Lois took a deep, theatrical breath and pulled off the top six cards. She spread them into a circle facing her on the hot pink silk scarf covering a fold-up card table and studied the spread for a very long moment, saying nothing.

“What is it?” Melanie attempted to view the cards upside down. Her voice rose in a squeak as she noticed a card with a large horned figure and smaller, chained and horned figures below. “The devil? What does that mean?” She wanted the wild side, not the dark side!

The psychic took another deep breath, this one not so theatrical. “The Devil is your soul mate.”

Melanie sat back in her chair, clutching the seat with suddenly cold hands. “Ha ha. Very funny. How do I get my money back?”

2008 Print Release – Cards Never Lie by Heather Hiestand


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