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Currently: Finishing up a submission and planning the next book. Working on workshops for Emerald City.

Mood: Overstimulated. Again. Throwing a birthday BBQ tomorrow…

I don’t find much time to read blogs right now, but I am a participant in one other blog. This one has a different erotic romance author posting for every day of the month, so take a look if you like erotic romance.

Back when I had time to read blogs, this one was consistently my favorite: And truly, there are so many links off this one that you can find just about anything to suit you from this link alone.

In terms of agent blogs, this is the first one I’m likely to go to:

In other news, I’m now a part of two workshops at Emerald City next month. One as part of a group and one I’m giving on my own. If anyone has any information about authors who’ve been rejected by Harlequin/Silhouette and has gone on to sell those manuscripts elsewhere, please get in touch! I hope to see you at the conference, where I’ll be celebrating the release of Cherokee’s Playmates (by Anh Leod, at Ellora’s Cave) on October 10th.


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  1. Hi, Heather!

    Congratulations on your two workshops and on your October release. Sounds like you are busy!

    If you still want to talk to authors whose manuscripts have been rejected at H/S and later sold, I am in that number.

    Hope your workshops go well!

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