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Posted by Terri Reed
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My favorite romance blog would be CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense blogspot at http://ladiesofsuspense.blogspot.com/
Yes, I will proudly say I’m a poster on this blog. There are seven Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense authors on the blog. We each take a day of the week to post. We also have a monthly contest to win the Four Love Inspired Books for the month. My day to post is Tuesdays and I post an interview each week that I do for the month’s current Love Inspired Suspense books. My interview is a bit different in that I interview the hero or heroine (authors choice) of said book. Its a great way to get to know the characters which makes them even more ‘alive’ when reading the book. These interviews are now also being posted on the offical eharlequin site in the Steeple Hill blog, as well as the other internet places that Steeple Hill has a presence such as FACEBOOK, My Space, Shout Life and Shelfari. This has been a great way to cross promote all of the Love Inspired Suspense books.
Stop on by and visit us, leave a comment and you’ll be entered into the drawing for the Four Love Inspired Books for the month.


Favorite Romance Blog — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, Terri!

    CRAFTIE Ladies of Suspense is a very well put together blog! I can see why you’re proud to be part of it. And having one contributor for each day of the week is perfect!

    I interviewed characters from one of my books–including the dog–for my release party in April and it was fun!

    I’ll try to remember when it’s Tuesday and go visit your next character interview!

  2. I like the Ladies of Suspense blog too. The idea of interviewing a character is always an interesting one. It works especially well when a reader can find out something extra that maybe the book hasn’t revealed.

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