Fifteen Ways to Procrastinate…or…I Don’t Feel Like It…Leave me alone!

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I don’t have a problem getting my butt into the chair; it’s what I do once I’m there that’s the problem. Below are some of my best excuses for not writing (in no particular order). See how many of these you share and then tell me your own personal favorites:

1. I don’t feel like it. You can’t make me.

2. OMG, I have to redo my website. It’s almost perfect…just a couple hundred more tweaks.

3. I’m too busy editing someone else’s book and it needs a complete rewrite, so I’ll just take it upon myself to do that for him.

4. But it’s Monday and there are all these posts to answer…if I don’t, everyone will hate me! Not to mention all these emails, opportunities, and free viagra…

5. I’m waiting for inspiration. Hello…hello…is anyone out there? ~the muse laughs wickedly from under the bed~

6. Are you crazy? There’s a Ghost Hunters marathon on!

7. My office is a mess.

8. My bedroom is a mess.

9. My brain is a mess.

10. My computer needs another overhaul, even though I did it last week, and the week before, and the week…

11. I have a release coming up. These promos won’t get out by themselves, you know.

12. My granddaughter needs me to watch kids’ shows with her all day long. God bless Barney.

13. My husband is off work today, so I need to talk to him until he agrees with me.

14. Here’s a subject I’m really interested in that has nothing to do with my current project…if I just research this all day, it’s bound to come back to what I need, right?

15. The bed is soooooo warm and comfy…just a few more minutes…

There are many, many more.

Whenever anyone asks me how I avoid writer’s block (a nice way of saying cerebral constipation), I tell them with absolute aplomb, to just start writing…anything…put your fingers on the buttons and start pushing. I also tell them that writing is not inspiration but dedication…and a lot of discipline. Now, I have to take my own advice, which is too bad since I’m a big fan of “do as I say, not as I do.”

What helps me most? An unreal deadline and an editor with a barbed whip. If I could only hire someone to convince me that everything is on deadline. Volunteers? A phone call would do…

So now I’m back to the jumbled keys staring up at me, screaming, “Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!” I think I will oblige them today…

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Fifteen Ways to Procrastinate…or…I Don’t Feel Like It…Leave me alone! — 7 Comments

  1. Uh, you didn’t mention Sudoku. Guaranteed to make me feel either smart or stupid every single day.

    Politics. Had to check on the progress of the election constantly. Now that it’s over, mere hurricanes just don’t give me my news fix. What am I going to do? Oh, yeah, that big D word.

    I’ve had to force myself to quit volunteering for everything by going cold turkey. One last year as Royal Ascot coordinator and I’ll let the world run itself. Really. I will.

  2. ~LOL~ Haven’t found Sudoku yet, Delle, you temprest you! Politics, yep, I had that one, too. Volunteering, absolutely…but over the internet you spend more time on it since you don’t have to leave the house! M:)

  3. If you haven’t found Sudoku yet, DON’T GO NEAR IT! Keep on looking at it like a random pile of useless numbers or those numbers will soon ensnare and enslave you!

    Seriously, I will be posting a blog on Why Can’t We Stop Procrastinating?
    on the Wet Noodle Posse next Wednesday, and I’ll let everyone know when it’s up. My position is that Procrastinating is at least partially a natural defensive mechanism that can be good for you, when not carried to extreme. I’m offering a new plan, which I will finish in December with a blog on Guilt-Free Writing.

  4. Hey, Minnette!

    I love the excuse that the bed is soooo warm and comfy–at least until my dogs all use me as a springboard to get to the squirrel one of them spotted through the window. LOL!

    Now I’m off to do my pages for NaNoWriMo…

  5. Delle – Can’t wait to see the procras article…make sure to let us know when it’s up…

    Genene – The bed one is one of my favorites, as well. Since I’m not working now, on my days to write, I really have a hard time getting up. It’s been soooo long since I’ve been able to sleep in…:)

  6. Yup, warm comfy bed is a great excuse. I like seasonal excuses too, so it sounds like I always have a new excuse. In the winter, it gets dark too early. In the summer, it gets dark too late. In spring and fall, I’m too antsy because the seasons are changing.

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