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I’ll never forget my first book signing. It was for a science fiction children’s book that I wrote in 1978. It was part of a reward program for troubled readers. Written at the 4th grade level, I’ll never forget the adulation in those young eyes asking me to sign. But more than that I’ll never forget how proud I was of each and every one of those young kids for working so hard. Many of them had come up from a first or second grade level to a fourth grade level in only six months.

My next book signing was for a non-fiction book about online learning. Normally, I don’t get to sign my non-fiction books; but in this case I had been invited to give a keynote speech and my books were there. They even set up a special table in the campus bookstore (this was in Tennessee) and I probably sold over 100 books that day.

I think book signings are a great way to connect with your readership. Believe me it is wonderful for an author to actually meet the people who read her books. It makes the process all worth it– the angst, confidence hurdles, and months or years of waiting for your book to come out.

I did want to share that one of the biggest events for Rose City Romance Writers is coming up in April. It is our Reader’s Luncheon where we have lots of authors signing their books, and we give away our profits from the luncheon to help with adult literacy. Our funds this year are going to the Portland Literacy Council. I hope everyone will consider coming. For more information go to the Special Events section of the Rose City Romance Writers website. You can register for the luncheon now!

Here are a few pictures from last year’s chapter members who signed at the luncheon. Enjoy!


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  1. Hi, Maggie!

    It was a bit startling to see a picture of myself in the blog (at last year’s Readers’ Luncheon) when I knew it wasn’t my blog day. I thought maybe blogs automatically wrote themselves now. Alas, that wasn’t the case. 🙂

    Your first booksigning with the kids sounds so cool! And I’m also looking forward to this year’s Readers’ Luncheon!

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