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Heather Hiestand

Currently: Finishing the first draft of a paranormal futuristic erotic novella and trying not to obsess over the agents I haven’t heard from regarding my middle grade paranormal. Also happy with two new releases: Link to In Flight
Link to my scifi anthology. Next up: Alter ego Anh Leod’s release in August.

Mood: Fueled by tea and chocolate!

A messy office indicates a creative mind, right? I certainly hope so. I considered cleaning before I took this picture for half a second, but let’s face it, it only looks better than this a couple of times a year because I’m lazy, er, creative. And, actually, it’s not that dusty because my monitor died last month so I had to pull and replace it with my sister’s boyfriend’s old monitor. I screamed with horror at the dust and cleaned up at least two layers of paperwork, I swear. Really!

My office:

The dining room table where I play The Sims, I mean, where I also work:

Where I would rather be working except it is currently 58 degrees in my office and probably even worse on the porch:

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Heather/Anh’s writing space — 4 Comments

  1. See, my theory about the messiness and the creative mind is that it’s necessary to shuffle things around out of order for things to combine in a different way. If we were completely neat and orderly, then we’d arrange our ideas in neat, orderly and conventional fashion, and we’d only see things in a neat, orderly and very ordinary way. We need chaos to stir things up and give us our unique ideas.

  2. Yay for chaos! Strangely enough, though, I’m the order master in my day job (boo day job). I’m CAPABLE of both chaos & order. I’m just more drawn to chaos 🙂

  3. I love your sense of humor, Heather. As you are a very prolific writer, I can’t imagined you being distracted for too long. Either that or you are so fast, you can afford the distractions.

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