Holiday Gifts for the Writer

Heather Hiestand/Anh Leod
Currently working on: middle grade girl-focused multi-cultural paranormal, second book in the series. Anyone know a good agent?
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Note: Anh Leod’s most popular story is now available in a print anthology from Ellora’s Cave! Even Naughtier Nuptials

These are some of the things it would be great for any writer to receive this holiday season:

1. Chocolate – of course
2. Homemade baked goods – why not?
3. An eating and exercise strategy for this season – see above
4. Inspiration
5. Healthy necks, arms, shoulders, wrists, hands and back
6. The ability to analyze books without losing enjoyment of them
7. Creativity
8. A good babysitter, whether for child, spouse, parent or pet
9. Good critique partners and/or beta readers
10. Fans
11. Reading time
12. Characters that fascinate, a plot that wows
13. Good editing skills
14. Writing time

I wish you all of these things and a happy, productive 2010!


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