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I don’t know about anyone else, but Blogger is giving me fits today. It keeps crashing my browser every time I visit a Blogger blog. Very irritating.

Okay, this month’s topic is about that sacred of all places, the Writer’s Space. I can’t offer much of anything different from what others have posted so far. I’m a mobile unit, the laptop and me connected at the hip, and I write wherever and whenever I can.

Though I have an office that’s about a ten-foot square of space, I rarely write in there. Except maybe email. I have a desktop computer on a stationary desk, but it’s got a wide screen that is more conducive to my graphic design business. I strive to keep my two creative businesses apart from each other. It makes me feel kind of schizo at times, but there you have it.

Here are pictures of my favorite writing spaces. The Skychair on the front porch is my summer space and is usually used at night when it’s too hot to stay indoors (I live in Central Oregon and we don’t have air conditioning in our house). Dark is best because the laptop screen is impossible to view in bright sunlight. The Skychair is awesome, very comfy, and it swings. The writing life doesn’t get much better than this.

Most of the time, however, I write on this loveseat, usually with a cat in my lap. Sometimes two because, you know, you can never have too much cat hair stuck in your keyboard. It’s a tight fit, but we manage. The cats sort of wobble as my fingers skitter over the laptop’s keys. Having two cats lay across your arms as you’re typing is a great workout for the forearms.

I have a friend who has two specially assigned writing chairs. One she sits in to write, and the other she sits in to edit. That’s an interesting concept, but I doubt it would work for me. It’ just too… I don’t know. Compartmentalized.

Today will be spent on revisions to my latest manuscript. My agent sent me a list of suggestions and I’m right about halfway through, hoping to finish them all by tomorrow. I can hardly wait to get my new urban fantasy out making the rounds at the big publishing houses. It’s the first book in a series, so we’re hopeful it finds a home soon so that I can get started on the second book. I have the first couple of pages from chapter one posted on my blog if you’d like to take a look.

Karen Duvall, author of DESERT GUARDIAN (The Wild Rose Press)


Home is where the book is — 11 Comments

  1. We sound a lot alike, Karen! Portable writer’s cats, included. But I keep my graphic arts and writing all on one computer, and everything goes where I go. I do have separate websites for them, though.


  2. LOL! I am in a continual losing argument with my cats about staying off the desk. One of them (the youngest) just casually strolled across the desk and flung himself over my shoulder. I got to watch cat tail flicking across my face for a bit. Then he turned around (ouch, do you REALLY need to use that much claw?) and proceeded to press his face into my neck while purring loudly as if that would save him from my scolding.

    Of course it did. LOL!

  3. Hey, Delle, more and more of my work stuff is ending up on the laptop these days. I’ve tried to prevent it, but design on the fly meetings with clients forces me keep stuff accessible. Sigh. I only have a writing website. The last thing I need is more design clients and I’m afraid a design website might bring me more business. Ack!

    Oh, the joys of being owned by cats. Arwen, I feel for you. 8^) I’ve got three, but one is so enormous that I can’t have him laying on me. He weighs over 23 pounds! He’s only 2 years old and I fear he hasn’t stopped growing yet. Maybe one of his parents was a mountain lion?

  4. Jinx never walked on my laptop until about two months ago. Then she SAT on the keyboard. What she did I don’t know, but I was finding settings that were messed up all day. No way could I have changed so much with just one action! Funny, now she strolls over the keys every day at least once.

  5. Karen, I love your post! The sky chair is way cool, but I’d mellow out too much in a swing.

    I no longer have cats to climb on my desk, keyboard and papers (kind of wish I did). I do tend to write at the desk, but I print hard copies of pages/ chapters and edit at the dining table. Or outside if it’s not too hot.

    It sure is a pleasure to see you here!

    Nancy Haddock
    La Vida Vampire

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