I hate research

Posted by Jessa Slade
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There, I’ve said it. I hate research. I don’t do it well; I’m easily led astray into worlds of info I don’t need; and when I do find something I was actually looking for, invariably it directly contradicts what I’m trying to accomplish.

When I wrote my first manuscript (which, like most first manuscripts, is locked in an iron-bound chest in the attic lest it escape and wreak havoc upon the world), I vaguely envisioned a Regency romp — with the heroine in a medieval leather jerkin, riding a train, with a kinky reference to elastic that I won’t bore you with here. Yeah, not for nothing is my Yahoo ID “noparticulartimeperiod.” So I’m not saying research isn’t useful — I’m just saying I try not to do it.

But I do return to some sites regularly for info dumps I can’t live (or write) without:

For the craft of writing, Alicia Rasley’s site is invaluable.

For gossip about writing, Smart Bitches Trashy Books is my current amusement.

This up-and-coming paranormal romance community, Fangs Fur & Fey has great conversation about new books and writing.

Dear Author is more reader oriented and still keeps timely sidebar articles on industry news.

Set your egg timer before you visit any of these sites. And when your time is up, GO BACK TO WRITING!


I hate research — 4 Comments

  1. Hooray, Jessa! You DID come up with a new spin on the topic of research. I love the creativity of writers!

    Your suggestion to set a timer and go back to writing (heavy emphasis on the second part) is a good one. Do I follow that? Not confessing!

  2. Oh, I didn’t say I do it either. An egg timer sounds a leeetle too much like cooking to me. And I don’t cook anymore than I do research. Bucket o’ cookie dough is my eternal friend.

  3. Jessa…

    I have to forbid myself to be on the computer, research or not, if I want to get writing done. I’m not three minutes over my allotted time limit, but I’m with you, research…blech!

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