IMMORTAL WARRIOR is on the shelves!

Well, folks,  I’m the designated Featured Author this month, which means I was supposed to post on the 1st of the month, setting the tone for this month’s topic, Motivation, i.e., how to get the butt in the chair.
The thing is, I was too busy actually keeping my butt in the chair to look up and notice it was my month to blog early.  Oops.  If you read my post last month, Oblivious, you already know what the problem is.  It’s still the problem, now expanded because I’m even closer to the drop-deadline plus have a blog tour ramping up to promote IMMORTAL WARRIOR.  Not a pretty sight.  Do not do this to yourselves.
So since I missed the 1st and found out I missed it on the 3rd, which was Susan’s day, I decided to glom onto November 4, which just happens to be the official release date  for IMMORTAL WARRIOR. That’s right, today you can run out and buy a copy and help put me on a bestseller list somewhere.
Warrior (see back cover copy over there in the sidebar) is the first book in my new paranormal historical romance series, The Immortal Brotherhood.  I’m as excited as if it were my first book, much the way a new mom is excited about the birth of later kids: it’s not so scary, which makes it even more fun. And part of the fun lies in knowing that Ivar, the Immortal Warrior himself, has eight brothers waiting in the wings.  Yep, nine sexy, hunky, cursed, hunky, tragic,hunky, delicious Viking warriors to play with. And did I mention they’re all hunky? (gawd, you think this boy’s pretty, you just wait ’til you see the guy on the next cover!) You want motivation to keep your butt in the chair?  Try nine Vikings and a contract.
What about you?  What keeps your butt in the chair? Post your best tip in Comments.
* * *
While I go back to work on the last couple of chapters of Immortal Outlaw (Book 2), please come over and wander around my WEBSITE. You’ll find an excerpt of IMMORTAL WARRIOR, a fabulous contest for a reproduction Viking amulet like Ivar wears, and more.
BONUS:  I’m looking for Bookspotters.  Between now and Nov 8, if you spot my book on the shelves, just post a comment HERE and you’ll be entered to win an ARC of the next book.


IMMORTAL WARRIOR is on the shelves! — 4 Comments

  1. Lisa, I am heading out to work, but wanted to say congratulations! first. I’ll definitely watch for IMMORTAL WARRIOR at the stores.

    I have to sit at the kitchen table and write with pencil and paper to keep my butt in the chair for any length of time 🙂

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Lisa, on the release of IMMORTAL WARRIOR! It’s so nice to hear the excitement in your post about the release of this book and the others in the series!

    I’ll borrow a tip to keep your butt in the chair from a famous retailer: just do it!

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