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Posted by: Jessa Slade
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First, for my off-topic frazzlement. Please, if you own a pet, microchip it. Now I’m as paranoid about clandestine quasi-governmental conspiracies as the next person, but please please PLEASE, a microchipped pet is the one time that being identified and tracked can only have a good outcome.

I am currently providing a home for the lovely injured border collie/Aussie pup pictured here. My sweetie picked him up after he was hit by a car Friday morning. No tags. No microchip. No response to all our ads.

What will happen to this charming boy? Many of these stories don’t end well. Should your pet go astray, you’ll have a better chance of a happy ending if YOU CAN BE FOUND. He’s not lost anymore, but his owners are 🙁

End rant.

Speaking of rants, how ’bout those blogs? Topics for everyone. And no one. How egalitarian. Here are a few of my favorites:

For the writers out there, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing from J.A. Konrath offers all sorts of intriguing advice on the mechanics of being published. Some will be happy to hear he doesn’t hold with that pesky theory about writing every day.

For readers who love paranormals, Fangs Fur & Fey is a great place to hang out. The writers are amazing and fun. And their stories are better yet.

In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I will also recommend Silk And Shadows, the new blog by… me! Me and four other new dark paranormal authors, that is. We’re still in the development stages, but we hope to take the world by storm by mid October so check back.

And don’t forget to microchip your pets. And pester your friends and family to do it too. Heck, you could always post the reminder on your blog.


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  1. Joining in rant to say: And don’t count on just the microchip if your pet gets lost… my son’s dog got out after someone left a gate open. He was wearing a collar with tags and he was also microchipped. His collar got lost some way and no one scanned for a chip. My son contacted every dog control office and shelter in five counties to no avail. After nearly a month, the young people who had found him saw my son’s notice on Craig’s list and we got the dog back.

    Bless you and your sweetie for taking care of this fur baby, Jess!

  2. You and your sweetie are WONDERFUL people for not only taking in this dog, but getting the vet treatment necessary after getting hit by a car. He looks absolutely darling. You deserve an award–or maybe your reward is another wonderful and loyal pet.

    As for your new blog, I’m dying to see it going. So get with it!

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