Is That Where We’re Going This Year?

Susan Lute

Currently working on My Garden, and a single title romance that’s in it’s infant stages.

Mood: Determined. Hoisting myself up by my five inch stiletto sandal straps, and moving on.

There’s always a lot to learn at National, but my favorite conference moment happens long before the conference begins. Sometime between October and January each year, I check out the hotel and the city were RWA is having their next National Conference. Most of the time, I decide to go because I fall in love with the hotel, or because I’ve never been to the host city. Okay, yes, I’m an architecture geek. I couldn’t tell you a thing about hotel architectural styles, but I’m easily seduced and always at first sight. This year the conference is being held in San Francisco. Be still my thumping heart.

Since I’m a little challenge in the adding pics from the web department, you have to make due with my humble descriptive efforts. 🙂 This year the conference is being held at the San Francisco Marriott. What’s not to love about a building that soars majestically into the sky like a lovingly shaped mirror, with sun reflecting off it’s windows? The lobby is sedate with old world charm; the view from the View lounge breathtaking; the Ballroom reminds me of the Oscars.

My next favorite thing about conference is exploring the hotel and the host city. I’m an avid pedestrian visitor. I love walking the nearby neighborhoods and taking pictures, though this year a ride on the cable cars is a must. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is part of the lure of conference.

My most favorite memory though, is from New Orleans. It was my first RWA conference and my first visit to the city. Delilah Arhent, now Marvelle, and a few of us from Rose City were sitting in the lobby of the hotel, when a couple of young men started flirting with her and wouldn’t take her I’m not interested signals seriously. Delilah can take care of herself, but I couldn’t resist lending a hand, so I walked up, put my arm around her and ask them what they were up to with my daughter. They blinked. We laughed. New Orleans was fun and I have to say, so far, my favorite host city.


Is That Where We’re Going This Year? — 5 Comments

  1. I missed San Fran (wah!) but I agree about New Orleans. What a wonderful city that serves freshly fried & sugar-powdered beignets 24/7. (And pretty much my CPs & I were there 24/7!)

  2. Thanks Genene. One of the best things about going to any conference, but especially National this year, is that I always come back with a renewed vision of what I want to get done. So my mood is still determined, but now plumped up with hopeful.

  3. LOL about you “protecting” Delilah. I love New Orleans too. I lived in Mississippi, near Gulfport, for 4 years in the early 90’s. In those days I was purely an SF gal. I went to many writing and fan conferences in New Orleans and loved every minute. When Katrina hit i recognized several places both in Louisiana and Mississippi that were favorites of mine. Completely obliterated. I hope we get an opportunity to return to N’Awlins (as the locals say)for another conference.

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