Its a Sign by Suzanne Macpherson

Over the years I’ve helped arrange a ton of signings- for some of the biggest names in our business including a few great authors on this blog, and authors like Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Nora Roberts and Catherine Coulter; all terrific sports.

Nora was truly the most amazing, gracious signer I’ve ever seen- she signed 200 hardback books and a bucket of backlist during one big event we put on for her- a champagne brunch. She never complained, she signed every single copy of the book long past the time we’d scheduled, so each person had contact with her. She not only wrote the book on writing romance, she wrote the signing book too. Catherine Coulter was also an absolute doll, and taught me to wear bright colors and smile from your heart. Debbie Macomber of course makes each person feel like they are special when they come to talk with her at that table. All really gracious ladies for sure.

What I learned over the years (besides stay close to Nora and get her overrun!) is that my best signings include a few close friends with very similar books, so we can create a kind of PR buzz about what we are offering. Alexa Darin, Kate Austin and I did a media blitz in a rare month when we all had a new book out and it was an absolute blast! When we started out we barely knew each other and by the end we were the sisterhood of the traveling Chocolate. Because as anyone who has ever signed knows, if you bring it, they will come.

I’m busy writing my new YA series as I take a pause from romantic comedy. If I get lucky, maybe someday I can do a signing in the same place Stephanie Meyer did her last one–In Beneroya Hall. CAN YOU IMAGINE??????? LOL Well heck why not imagine, after all, we write fiction! Hhmm that would call for a NEW DRESS!


Its a Sign by Suzanne Macpherson — 3 Comments

  1. Suzanne, your signings with Alexa Daren and Kate Austin sound fantastic! And it’s so nice to know our writing icons are as gracious as we imagine heroines to be. 🙂

    Have fun with your YA series. I’m so out of the loop I had to look up Beneroya Hall. But now I know where it is and what it is!

  2. Of course you will be very gracious and allow Stephanie Meyer to sign with your next blockbuster. 🙂

    I love your “best signings include a few close friends with very similar books, so we can create a kind of PR buzz about what we are offering.”

    I’ve lately met so many authors who have a few close friends they travel with, sign with, critique with. I think that would make both the drudgery and the amazing times even that much better.

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