Knife fight in Istanbul…dinner in Paris

Posted by: Minnette Meador
Working on: Keenan’s Dilema, Paranormal Erotic Comedy and
The Gladiator Prince, Historical Romance
Mood: Still crazy after all these years…

I woke up this morning to a bang on my door. Room service. Sliding my robe over the silk bed spread, I hopped to my feet and turned the handle. Two men spilled into my room, one on top of the other, fighting over a knife. A warm Istanbul breeze lifted the balcony curtains and ruffled my hair. I clobbered the guy on top with a marble bookend and sent him sprawling. Randy sat up and gave me a wink. “Nice shot, princess.” Reminding him of our dinner date in Paris, I shuffled him out of the room, stepped over the body, and dialed the front desk. “Be a darling and send a boy up for my things, will you? Oh, and Mr. Rosen won’t be traveling with me. He has…a headache. I’ll leave my bags outside the door so we don’t disturb him.”

I wish I could tell you my days are like this. I really do. But unfortunately, they are only like that in my head. That’s the beauty of being a writer…you can live out whatever fantasy you want every day. From the outside it may not seem too exciting, but from the inside it’s a panoply of harrowing diversions, heart-pounding excitement, and thrilling adventure. Quite honestly, if I really were in the scenario above, I’d probably scream my head off and run naked down the hallway. I’m much braver between my ears.

A typical writing day for me is 2-3 hours of emails, promo, blogs and chats, 7-9 hours of writing at my computer, doing research, or just simply lying in my chair thinking, then writing cryptic notes on small pieces of paper to translate into a novel later. Not very exciting, but wait…Mr. Rosen is waking up. “Going somewhere, my dear?” I caught a glimpse of the revolver gripped in his pudgy right hand. The bookend was out of reach. All I had was my flimsy robe. Perhaps…

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