Let’s Be REALLY Honest

Currently: Keeping busy with the baby so as not to think about how I haven’t heard from my editor about FIRST IMPRESSIONS or the MR. POSSIBLY…

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I’ve seen these posts before, where authors show their ‘cave’ and explain why it works for them…but I’ve always hummed along, pretending I didn’t get the email asking me to contribute a picture. You see, if I sent a picture I’d of course have to clean my work space…and since I work in my bedroom that woul dbe like cleaning twice and well, cleaning was never my favorite thing to do. Add to that a pregnancy with sciatica issues and now a month old baby girl, well…

You get the picture. I haven’t slept through the night in months, so the idea of using what brain space I have to do something like organize my books…yeah. I’d rather write. Not that I have since she was born, but still…

So, this is my space. A desk tucked into a corner of the bedroom – recently moved so as not to put the baby crib under a vent – and two bookshelves. Plus the cabinet portion of the armoire (not shown). And the books I have downstairs.

Someday soon I will have an office with a door and three times as much bookshelf space. But that is a few more book contracts down the road…


Let’s Be REALLY Honest — 7 Comments

  1. I recently saw a photo in Sunset magazine (no, my house is sooo not a Sunset magazine home, but my mom has high hopes for me) where the lady shelved all her books spine IN so the “look” was visually less cluttered. What sort of sick mind… An overstuffed bookshelf is the sign of… well, I’m not sure, but certainly a creative, searching mind. (And by searching, I mean, where did I put that #%&* book?!?)

  2. Ways in which Jenna’s space is like the rest of ours:
    1. Too much stuff
    2. Too little room for said stuff
    3. Necessary equipment, not necessarily in expected location. More like, where there’s room for it.
    4. Lots of books
    5. Not enough room for author, yet author is comfortable in said space and happy to have it.
    6. Obligatory Dangling Cord. Alternative to dangling cord is cord stretched across the floor.
    7. Neatness optional. Looks cleaner than mine does today.

  3. Spine IN? That is sick! Isn’t it hard enough to find the right book when you need it? Maybe she should just do burgundy dust jackets for her books. Don’t put those awful cluttery-looking book titles on them. But what about all those different sizes books come in? Maybe she really ought to measure the books before buying them. Or better yet, don’t buy books. Wouldn’t those shelves be a lovely space for Lladro figurines that she could dust every day? Now you see, if she had just listened to me, I could have solved her clutter problem for her.

  4. I bet she bought her books by color and not by title. Spine-in, indeed. Hmph.

    Very realistic, Jenna. You’ll notice my photos do not include my stationary office. That’s because it’s got yellow hazard tape across the doors and even the cats won’t go in for fear of getting lost. Or a book from one of my over-crowded book cases might fall on them.

  5. You are amazing, woman! To write as much as you do in that tiny space in your bedroom. Gosh, I never knew where the magic happened at your home. It’s even more amazing that it happens with the little ones running around all the time. Can’t wait to see the new addition to the Bayley-Burke family.

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