Mistresses and Pirates, oh my!!!

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My Dearest Readers,
As many of you may know (or may not…) this past year I celebrated the debut of my historical romance, Mistress of Pleasure. Seeing it took me 11 bloody years (and I do mean bloody) to get to a booksigning, you’d best believe I had booksigning fever. If there was an opportunity, I lunged. Even if it meant lunging into another state. Which I did twice. Booksignings, I have to say are quite odd. Because you really never know who is going to show up. Now, I’m not one to sit around and wait for people to deign me with a visit…so along with fellow Kensington author Megan Clark, we pulled together two very unique and entertainingly naughty booksignings. After all, she writes erotica and I write historical romance too hot for anyone with a heart condition to consider. So we dressed up, flapper and 50’s style and set out to conquer Port Townsend. And conquer we did. Below is the sort of crowd we drew. Yummy pirates and men. Lots and lots of men. It was the first time in my life I realized men would absolutely LOVE historical romance and erotica if they could get past the covers. Which is really funny because they certainly don’t mind the covers put on PLAYBOY. Megan and I read from our books (she actually read sex scenes….which to me, was pretty freakin’ bold. Me, I stuck to reading about dildos, which was about as far as I was going to take it…). So while we are reading and the show is going on, men would walk by the glass window, see all the girls dressed up and doing burlesque (without taking everything off, mind you) and let me tell you…they stopped, they watched, then they turned and walked straight into the store and into our trap. We drew quite the crowd and I ended up seling more books to men that day than women.

As wonderful as those booksigning were, I have to say there were two booksignings that will forever be known as memorable to my heart. The first one, was my launch party, which my wonderful, sexy husband put together in a hush, hush manner and surprised me with. Almost the entire Rose City Romance Writer’s chapter showed up, friends from my culinary school, friends from the neighborhood, it was amazing. And my hand about fell off by the end of it. But I tell you this, you’ll never hear me complaining about the fact that I have to sign my book. I will ALWAYS be up to the task after waiting 11 years to get to do it. My other favorite signing was Emerald City. I had about 75 books on my table. And every single one of them sold. I couldn’t believe it. I still don’t believe it. Of course, at $3.99, how could anyone resist? To top off selling all those books, one of the gentlemen working at the hotel ran up to me and wanted me to sign his hand. So I did. Let’s hope he put it to good use. And DON’T get naughty on me…

This year, my second book, Lord of Pleasure, will be coming out in August and I am planning to do it all over again. Pirates, flappers and all.
Until next time.
Cheers and much love,
Delilah Marvelle


Mistresses and Pirates, oh my!!! — 7 Comments

  1. Oh, if only I could step out of my secluded shell and be so bold. I sit in my chair behind my table and smile and hope people will come walk up and buy my books. I guess I need to get a couple of cowboys to come with me and lure in the women and a saloon girl or two to lure in the men.

    Sounds like great signings and with your effervescent personality, I can see why!

  2. Genene, Thank you for not only posting but the wonderful compliment!!! I LOVE being called a mistress of anything 😀
    Paty, you TOTALLY need to round up some cowboys. Everyone can step outside their shell if the motivation is your career. That’s how I look at it, LOL. And thank you for the wonderful compliment.
    I feel like I’m so loved on this blog 😀

  3. Elisabeth, I would LOVE to plan fun and naughty with you. Who cares what the world thinks!
    Jessa, I had ha moments every time I stepped out into public with my book, that’s for sure. The book lends itself to that, I think.

  4. Only you could pull it off, Delilah. Someone who can write without fear or shame–at least not public fear or shame–is an amazing treasure. I can hardly wait for your next book and your next signing.

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