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As you can tell by looking at all the pictures, I thrive off of two things: research books and neatness. I cannot focus in clutter and I cannot focus without research books. I have discovered that cannot continue writing a historical question pops up that I cannot answer. Which is why it’s so nice to have books I can simply grab from around me, find the answer and keep going. The Google thing really doesn’t work for me, mostly because then I go on to check my e-mail and start googling other things that I really don’t need to Google and before I know it, the day is over. So I simply stick to my books.I have books that range from the privy (note the fun white book (below) to old encyclopedias from the year 1869. My chaise (or fainting couch) is where I lounge and read while doing all my research. I basically converted what was supposed to be a dining room into my writing room. Which is only fitting. Because I dine on knowledge (cheesy but true). I could go on and on bragging about my writing room, but fortunately for you, I won’t. And if pictures are worth a thousand words, then this post is already far too long as it is….
For those of you that don’t know Polish (and yes, I am Polish), let me translate the title of this blog for you. It says, ‘My Love.’ Which is only fitting. For writing is my love. I apologize that the pictures aren’t all beautifully organized. I still haven’t been able to bloody figure out how to arrange them the way I want them to be arranged. The first picture in the upper left is my writing desk. Where the magic happens, so to speak (or at least where I want it to happen…). The framed map above my desk is a 1859 replica of a London map with all the streets and parks and cemeteries. Basically, my daily inspiration and a reminder of the past I choose to write about. Unfortunately, they cost me A LOT of money. Some have a shoe fetish, while I have a book fetish. The more obscure the book, the more likely I’ll buy it, no matter the price (which my husband always grumbles about). The most expensive book I’ve paid for was worth $300. The least expensive book being $0.75 (those my husband loves to support).
Until next time.
Delilah Marvelle

What is currently happening in my writing life? I just finished my second book Lord of Pleasure for Kensington (yay!). Because it is the second in my 5 book School of Gallantry series, I am already gearing up for the third book which is tentatively titled, Moment of Pleasure.


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  1. Fabulous writing room! I love your collection of books!

    I too cannot write in clutter. I happen to write at my dining room table, and have converted 1/2 of my china cabinet into a book case for all of my research books.

    Your writing room definitely looks inspirational!

    Congrats on finishing up the 2nd book, I can’t wait to read them!

  2. OK, Delilah…that chair does not look very comfortable. LOL I do love the light and the decor. I can see how that would be inspirational. Woo-hoo on finishing Lord of Pleasure. Now…quit googling and start book three. 🙂

  3. Delilah,

    I wish my house was that neat. Can’t happen. I don’t like doing my chores before sitting down to write 🙂 Love your space through, and congrats! on finishing Lord Of Pleasure!

  4. Ack, Delilah! Now I know I’ll need to find those Martha Stewart magazines before I post a photo of my office. My space is a little more, ahem, lived in.

    But just looking at the pictures of your writing space feel good. I can see why you are inspired. And congratulations on finishing the second book of your series!

  5. My sister finally found the words to the Polish drinking song my grandmother taught us when we were children. I’ll sing it for you sometime. Maybe when I’m drinking 🙂

    Yay on finishing Lord of Pleasure. September & Book I will be here soon!

  6. Delilah, everything about your space speaks to history and your books are AMAZING! Congrats on finishing your next book. It is so wonderful to see you following your dream and getting recognized!

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