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Currently: Finishing up my three book proposal which I will be sending out next Saturday.
Mood: Exhausted beyond belief… Need. Sleep.

I must say when it comes to blogs, the above picture pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? Everyone (myself included) wants everyone to read their blog. It’s like a bloody popularity contest. And it is. Everyone is trying to pimp their blog and of course, if you’re a writer, yourself. So with all the blogs out there, which ones do *I* flock to? The ones that give me what I want most: history. My time is precious (and yet…ehm). Time not spent writing or reading or researching needs to be spent wisely (or so I keep telling myself as I wander the Internet endlessly). And blogs can be hit or miss. Some are wonderful but chatty (not that there is anything wrong with chatty, mind you) and some blogs hit on about anything and everything so you never know what you’re going to stumble upon when you visit. I guess I like to know what I’m getting each and every time whenever I go to a blog. And so again, for me, I would say it’s history. So here’s my little list of favorite blogs (I have much, much more, but I’m trying to keep things simple and this post short as I am under deadline. Ack!):
*History Undressed
*Women of History
*World History Blog
Oh and then there’s my blog, A Bit O’Muslin. Heh.
Cheers and much love until next time,
Delilah Marvelle


My favorite blogs — 3 Comments

  1. Hang in there, Delilah! We can’t wait for you to get all those books done and out for us to read. I just finished Mistress of Pleasure last week (staying up way too late to get to the end and then working half asleep). It was AMAZING!!!

  2. Hi, Delilah!

    I so much understand the balancing act between writing and keeping up with what’s “out there”–because there’s a lot of interesting “stuff.” Oh, yeah, and all the other pieces of our lives. I restrict my time on the Internet also or hours can slip away.

    So I’m going to refocus now on my current goals–and wish you luck on your deadline!

  3. Maggie,
    Omgosh, I am thrilled beyond words that you liked Mistress! Though not so thrilled to hear you were at work half asleep, LOL. Thank you for the wonderful, wonderful kudos. It means so much more when it’s coming from another writer 😀
    Thank you so much for the luck. I’m gonna need it…
    And good luck to you and your goals! You are so right about limiting and staying focused.

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