My little cave…my corner of darkness…

Author: Minnette Meador
Currently Working On: The Breton & The General, historical romance

Ok, I admit it…this is where I live more than half of my life. It’s my shrine, my altar…hell, it’s my dinner table most of the time! My office. It is as personal as a well-worn bra and as public as a Bart Simpson balloon on Thanksgiving. Now, before I expose myself…my inner sanctum, I mean…I must warn you this is not for the faint of heart. Those of you with small children may want to leave the room. Paramedics are standing by with smelling salts…..
Ok…got you on this one…I wish!

Here’s the reality…
As a fantasy writer, here is what it looks like while I’m writing…

…as a romance writer…
here is what I’d like it to look like…

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? A girl can dream…
Thanks for sharing my little corner of darkness…I mean heaven. Just a little nonsense between friends!

By Request: – Andrei Claude

Minnette Meador
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My little cave…my corner of darkness… — 7 Comments

  1. LOL, Minnette! I don’t write romance, but can I borrow your lifesized cutout of… who is that? It doesn’t matter. He’s yummy, and that’s all that counts. 8^)

  2. Love it. Little dragons running around would explain why my office is always trashed. One hot guy running around my office would explain… Well, I suppose no explanations are needed, hmm?

  3. I like the first one, Minnette- except it looks like a place I’d have to keep clean. What’s the fun of a workspace if we can’t cover every square inch of it with work- and fun?

    My eyes are still dilated from the optometrist. I guess I’ll read the balloons later.


  4. Thanks, guys…I can’t remember his name, but who cares? Jessica, I know what you mean about those pesky dragons…they are forever getting into my stuff, making long distance calls on my phone, and trying on my clothes. Delle, Don’t worry, sweetie, I don’t think anyone is giong to be able to read those. I tried to get a link to a larger one, but Blogger was giving fits this morning. ~GRIN~

  5. Well, I like your male visitor. If you’ll look at my photo, you’ll see the toe of Captain Jack Sparrow’s boot. He’s really been the perfect addition to my “office”. And he is portable, so he could go with me out to the deck, if it ever warms up enough to go out there. Or not. Maybe it would be nice just to know he’s there in my office waiting for me…

  6. Love your pics! Now I know why you are so creative with all these visitors to your office. Of course, I’m afraid that one visit from Andrei and I would just have to lie down for ages. No writing would get done. 🙂

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