NaNoWriMo by Jessie Smith

Seventeen brave RCRW members attempted the 2014 NANO competition, a national challenge to write 50,000 words during the month of November. Generating that many words is hard task but it’s a herculean effect when you have a million other distractions and social pressures during the holiday season.

RCRW would like to congratulate the 5 members that reached the goal of 50,000 words –

Dawn, Greg, Jenna, Tiffany, and Wendy

And congratulate everyone else for contributing to the group total of 442,599 words –

Amy, Anne, Cheryl, Christy, Janet, Jessie, Linda, Margaret, Melissa, Nadine, Susan, and Terri

Thanks to contributions from the participants, we were able to award prizes to the top 3 winners

1st – Wendy Clark (64,345)

2nd – Jenna Bayley-Burke (53,851)

3rd – Rosalie Redd (51,137)

Prizes for NaNo

The group has expressed interest in doing NANO again but not in November. There is something called Camp NANO that runs in the month of April, which could launch a lot of first drafts in preparation for the July RWA Conference. More details will be coming in the upcoming months.



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