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Like everyone else, it is hard to pick one best memory. However, I can pick my primary purpose for attending nationals. Networking. Yes, I love the workshops, the parties, the literacy luncheon. But most of all I love hanging around people in the business–authors, agents, editors–and hearing what they’re dealing with in life. For editors and agents I love learning who’s excited them lately. What ideas are overused and what would they love to see. From authors I love to hear what they are working on now and why they are so excited about it. I get energized by the persistent optimism in the industry as a whole. Everyone knows the next big book will be a surprise. Who will write it? Who will publish it? Who will agent it? It’s like participating in the biggest gameshow of all time–only it will never be on TV. Really, can you imagine American Idol for Authors? What would you do, watch them write? 🙂

So, who did I see? Everyone of course. I met with three agents I really wanted to know better. I met with five editors I admire. I had several fan girl moments with authors. Here are a few pics to prove I was hanging out with the best.

Great to see my CPs. No one lives near me. My Roommate and CP for four years, Dawn Groszek, lives in Virginia. In this pic we are dressed up for the gala awards ceremony. CP Gemma Halliday lives in California. Here she is at the literacy signing. I have two CPs who weren’t able to make it.Then of course there is CP Kristin Painter who is in Florida. She writes paranormal. In the picture below she is with a favorite author of mine, Roxanne St. Claire, who also lives in Florida near Kristen and writes wonderful, sexy romantic suspense. The last photo is a pure fan girl moment with author Barbara Freethy, who writes intelligent and scary romantic suspense. Hmmm…I think there is a killer trend among the people I seek out.

So, networking is my favorite memory and moments. I see people I only see once a year, I get energized and remotivated. Oh, and there is great food, lots of chocolate, and books galore. What more could a girl want?


Networking Opportunities Galore — 2 Comments

  1. Maggie… Great pics. That’s one of the things I love about conference too. Of course, seeing writers and people in the industry I don’t get to see any other time, but also the buzz of excitement that always pervades any conference I go to. This year especially, it seems like the writing inspiration factor was off the charts.

  2. I agree, Su–lots of inspiration and a really fun venue. I can hardly wait for Washington, D.C. next year. It’s one of the many places I’ve lived (8 years back there in the roaring 80s) so I’m looking forward to it even more.

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