Not so brave

I’m impressed The writers who’ve posted before me have included photos of their offices. Not me, no, not me. It’s not that messy, I swear it isn’t. Okay, truth is, my office is lean and mean because I have a “if it’s not nailed down, throw it away” gene. The truth is, I didn’t want to take the time to charge the battery in my digital, etc, etc. Another problem with snapping anything here this time of year is that my desk faces a large window and the sun glare is fast on its way to making me blind

My dh and I had this house built seven years ago, and the only thing I cared about was my office. Kitchen? If we have to have one. Bedroom? No a bad idea. Living room? Yeah, that’s be god. But this place where the ‘magic’ takes place had to be everything I needed. Then I goofed. Yes, I have more electrical outlets than the Pentagon and I love my 4×4 window with a view of the hills. But I’m not kidding about the glare. Also, since my office is upstairs (where my dh seldom ventures), no way can I clean the outside of the window. Fortunately, I guess, most storm winds slam rain right at the glass which acts as nature’s window-washer.

It’s an L shaped room and we tucked a double bed in one corner for guests but hardly anyone ever uses it, thank goodness because I don’t play well with others. There’s a small window there and unfortunately, a street light just outside. Fortunately, its perfect for our dog who loves to stare out the window checking on the neighborhood. And the bed–let’s just say it looks as if it was made by a Mixmaster. She loves to jump and pound and tear at the blankets to get her sitting places just right, and I gave up trying to make it.

Okay, enough about this place with a TV, stereo (absolutely necessary because I can’t write without music), massive desk, bookshelf, and couch. (Oh, there’s also a bathroom which is really cool). So what takes place up here?

Glad you asked.

I write erotica for Kensington Aphrodisia, Ellora’s Cave, and Loose ID and here’s the absolute kick. Roughing It is being released by EC today, as I write, yeah! On the 24th, Going Down by Aphrodisia will hit the stands. Then come July 1, LooseID will force Galen’s Pet on an unsuspecting public. I’m not sure whether the stars are in perfect alignment or this is going to jump up and bite me, but I don’t have a choice in the matter.

So here are the respective covers. I saw Galen’s Pet for the first time yesterday because it’s a rush release. I’d love to know what people think–and that said, keep in mind that I’m finishing another book for Aphrodisia today and am in a fragile state.



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  1. Congratulations on the back to back to back releases. Maybe we’ll call it a menage a trois. I especially like the colors on Galen’s Pet. I like the desert, and hot earth is always a good image for other hot things…

  2. Oh, poor Vonna! My total sympathies. Glare is my enemy too, because my eyes are so weak. But because I’ve fought the battle for so long, I have developed weapons that can help you a lot.

    First, a trip to Home Depot. Heat Control Window Film by Gila. Or any other they might happen to have. Be sure to get the kind that reduces glare. It’s tricky to apply- the trick is to keep the sticky side totally saturated, and if it suddenly clings to itself, quickly spray the clinging spot and it will separate easily.

    If it’s a hot day, you will instantly notice the difference in heat, and your eyes will feel instantly more rested. Truly, I mean it!

    Also, I love those standard wood slat Venetian blinds. Tilted just right, they provide shade and let breezes through, yet you can still see the view. I got the faux wood kind in a honey oak color and they match my woodwork frame perfectly. They can be cut to fit at the store and aren’t nearly as expensive as the wood ones, or the ones sold at JC Penney’s and other stores.

    Because I have an annoying street light outside that window, I went totally overboard and also put up sheers, with an extra dark frilly curtain draped to one side- it used to be a lightweight summer bedspread.

    My son talked me into getting a little room air conditioner, just for those few way-too-hot days. But I love the fresh air, so I may give that up.

    June 20, 2008 11:03 AM

  3. Wow, cool covers (or should I say HOT covers? 🙂 And I can only say I wish I had that alignment of hte stars for three in a row! 🙂

    Annie Melton

  4. Congrats on all your amazing releases!!! Your covers are all so amazingly hot. Oh, and I personally think a writer girl can never have too many outlets in her office. Your not stuck to one side of the wall. You can take advantage of every wall!

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