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Clearly, my reminder system needs some work.  I was supposed to have this posted this morning, which means I should have written it yesterday, or even the day before.  But the day before was spent shepherding plumbers (see here) and yesterday was spent trying to catch up from said shepherding.  And this morning I got up bright and early and drove the girl-child off to the equestrian center for riding lessons that failed to materialize (20 mins each direction, wasted. Aargh!), then off to Costco to get the week’s groceries and gas (yowza — $2.439/gallon!) so that I could settle in and write today without further distractions from people demanding piddly-ass stuff like food and drink and drivable cars. So, I get settled, and then a few paragraphs in, something in my brain clicks.  Rose City. Blog. [Expletive deleted].
So you want to know about my day when I’m on deadline? The title is pretty much it: Oblivious, as in forgetting to pick the kids up from school kind of oblivious. As in the major plumbing leak we fixed Thursday had probably been there for weeks oblivious.  As in I write 14-18 hours a day, sometimes more, and can barely remember what century I’m in, much less what day I’m supposed to post to the chapter blog, despite the email reminders I have sent to me by GoogleCalendars three days in a row kind of oblivious.  As in no way are you getting fancy pictures and cute titles and a long juicy post.  Sorry.  If Delilah hadn’t already used it, I would have just posted the little writer-guy beating his arms and head off. That’s me, too, this month (hi, Delilah).
Better next month, I promise.  Complete sentences, proofreading, and everything. Maybe even funny.  Not this month, though. I’m oblivious.


Oblivious — 3 Comments

  1. Jessa — Thanks. I had a 9th grade writing teacher who taught us to bookend. Useful stuff. I often find myself bookending my novels. In fact, I’m trying to bookend the whole Immortal Brotherhood series. We’ll see how that works out.

    Genene — Eeek. Dry rot. Not fun. At lease we get better water pressure and lower water bills out of the deal.

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