Brave souls passed their queries to Kim, who read them aloud. The editors and agents raised their hand at the point they would have stopped reading, and once the letter was over, they explained what would make them stop.
Some hints ::

  • Don’t tell if a character is witty or sassy, let the writing show that.
  • Focus on the story, not on why you are qualified to write it
  • Keep it short, all of the editors requested a story but said the query for it was too long
  • Bring your voice to the query
  • Tell why you chose to submit to this editor/agent, show that you’vedone your research
  • A hook at the beginning is good, but keep it short.
  • Don’t highlight too much tragedy or chiche
  • Avoid being repetitive
  • Shorter is better
  • Proofread! Typos are careless.

Keep it to the HOOK the BOOK and the COOK. 3 paragraphs, in and out. Never more than 5 lines per paragraph.

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