Past Meeting Presentations – 2018


Past Meeting Presentations – 2018

RCRW meetings include presentations on craft, the publishing industry and the writing life.

These are some of the wonderful speakers who visited RCRW in 2018. Please check our main Meetings page for forthcoming presentations.

February 10, 2018
Effective Advertising Using Facebook and AMS byMaggie Lynch

Most authors look at advertising and shiver in fear of losing what little money they’ve budgeted for Marketing. Perhaps you’ve even tried some ads and felt that you just threw away $50 or more because you saw no sales. The seemingly simple software interface for both Facebook and Amazon ads is deceiving. You can follow the steps and think you are doing everything right and see zero return on your investment. The most important part of advertising is the hardest to master—understanding how to effectively target your audience in each platform. Maggie will show you how to research and do the prep work to get it right the first time, so you make money instead of throwing it away. 

Maggie will share what works and does not work with Facebook and Amazon Ads. Each platform works very differently. Each serves different author goals, and each presents different audiences and reach. She will share her own experience and analysis on when to use ads on each platform and when NOT to use them; how to create appropriate images (for FB) and copy that sells well; and how to use keywords and custom targeting to get the ads delivered to YOUR audience. Finally, she will show which metrics to monitor to know how your ads are doing; and provide advice on budgeting at the beginning of the ads and then scaling if they are doing well.

January 13, 2018
After the First Draft by Jessa Slade

Writing is rewriting. Which is simple to say (and sorta cliché!) but not always so easy to do. Learn self-editing tips and tricks for commercial genre fiction from Jessa Slade a.k.a. Elsa Jade, romance novelist and RITA-award-winning editor. We’ll re-envision stories from the big-picture thematic overview down to those much-maligned adverbs and everything in between so you can send your very best work to New York, your freelance editor, your critique partner, and/or — eventually — your readers.