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Currently Working on: Holly’s Pledge, the third story in my Anh Leod series at Ellora’s Cave. First there was Claudia, then Cherokee, now Holly!

Mood: Frustrated and nervous about the lack of income entering my bank account. I hate this economy!

As we all know, I haven’t been writing much lately. In fact, as I dusted off my files for Holly’s Pledge this week, I discovered I hadn’t done any writing since January. Some editing, yes, but no writing. I’m not sure I’ve gone this long without writing since the mid 1990s!

The series I’m working on right now, like all of my Anh Leod titles, has some Greek mythology in it. One book I use for ideas is Classical Mythology by Stephen Harris and Gloria Platzner. I also use the internet a lot. The hero of my current book is the son of King Minos, who I was making up until I realized there was a developed mythology around Minos to the extent of naming all of his myth-y children, so I had to look up enough info to have a starting point.

I also read a lot of fashion magazines because this series is set in Los Angeles. Because I haven’t been there for a while, I look up real estate sites and other websites to get places and houses to use in the books.

That’s it for now. Baby Andy woke up from his five minute nap and is crying loudly!


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  1. Take a deep breath about that bank account too. The abundance of life is with you in the squalls of a little angel. Time is a funny thing, and life interrupts it with wonder. Savor the wonder, it will benefit your writing, when you again, have time.

  2. I love naming myth-y children, which was why I “wrote” fantasy for a long time. Then I realized that all I was doing was world-building, so I made the genre hop to romance… where I actually want to tell a story!

  3. My favorite thing is plotting. I have to work really hard to keep doing the writing after I’ve done my lovely plotting worksheet and written about seventy pages. That’s why I love novellas so much. By the time I peter out my story is done!

    I have to be careful about names. I really do last names and I often use the same ones by accident, or God forbid, friend’s names. They don’t appreciate it.

  4. Heather,

    I find so much great information posted here by you and all of your co-bloggers.

    So, I selected this blog as one of seven to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award.

    Thanks to all of you for sharing so much good information with your fellow writers.


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