Lately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I’ve been in a funk as far as writing goes. I literally have to drag myself to MS Word to get myself going. Facebook and Twitter call to me, emails beckon, and I know I’m in trouble when “Relax this Spring, knowing where your credit lies” sounds more appealing to me than going back to my book. This is the life of a writer. It’s fraught with danger and not for the faint of heart.

PROCRASTINATION is defined as: to defer action; delay: to put off till another day or time. That’s been me in a nutshell, put off. Now some may say with my husband sick, I have a great excuse. Problem is that’s not what my muse is saying. She’s calling me a lazy sod who better get off her butt or she’ll give me a reason to regret it.

So, okay. It’s time to revisit why I write. Maybe that will get the spark going on this bonfire:


1. To get the demons out of my head before they really start running things.

2. To legally torture people who are not actually alive. To do so on living people would be wrong, right?

3. To feel that adrenalin rush every time the Muse shouts into my ear, keep going…keep going…

4. To give my fingers a daily work out and my brain a little calisthenics (that’s exercise to you young whipper snappers).

5. To be amazed every time someone actually likes what I write. It’s like, My God, they bought it. I can’t believe I got away with it.

6. To leave my mark, however small, upon a world that has been nurturing me from day one. After all, it’s where I keep my stuff.

7. To give my children and their children a legacy, something they can be proud of.

So, how about you. Why do you write? What helps you to drag yourself back to the keyboard, typewriter, or pencil and paper day after day?

Well, that did it for me. I’m revved up now. Watch out world…Mimi’s back in town!

Minnette Meador

2008 Releases: Starsight, Vol. I, Starsight, Vol. II, The Centurion & The Queen
The Edge of Honor, A Cup of Comfort for Single Mothers
2009 Releases: A Boy & His Wizard

2010 Releases:Starsight III: The Restless Seed, Starsight Prequel: The God Wars,
A Boy & His Lizard
ther Releases: The Gladiator Prince – TBA, Keenan’s Dilemma – TBA



  1. Hooray! Glad to hear you’re back at the keyboard!

    And I really enjoyed your list of why you write. They sound much better than anything my brain is willing to come up with this late at night!

  2. Those circumstances beyond our control are why we write and research for what we write – and why it matters.

    Take care of YOU and the stories will flow in their time…

  3. Enjoyed your post. To answer your question:
    1.) I write because it’s more fun than not writing.
    2.) I write because it helps me understand myself and others.
    3.) I write because I can get people to think about things and ask questions they might not otherwise ask.
    4.) I write because I like to make people laugh. Plus, I’m a closet wise-ass.
    5.) I write because I can.

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