Roses & Emeralds

If this were Twitter, I’d say RCRW was all over ECWC this year. But it is Blogger, so I can type as much as I want!
With more than a dozen Rose City Romance Writers members attending the Emerald City Writers Conference in Bellevue, WA this year, the conference felt even cozier than usual. In every class I was able to spy a local lovely, and finding someone to sit with at meals was a no brainer since we comandeered two tables!

I gushed about the conference on my blog, so I won’t double that here. I just wanted an opportunity to share some pictures of the babes of RCRW.

And to share some gift basket news. Did you know that Cherry Adair had a hand in making RCRW more beautiful? All three of her fabulous decorating baskets went to RCRW members — Laurel, Nancy & moi!

And to give a special congrats to Cherry Adair Finish the Damn Book Challenge winners Mae Penn & Mary Oldham. Mary was even lucky enough to win Cherry’s personal insudtry professional matchmaking skills. She’ll hear back on that…today. (whistling)  


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