Saturday Morning Quiet

Hmm. I had different plans for today with everything revolving around taking my 89 year old mother out for lunch followed by some clothes shopping for her. She lives in an adult foster home so each week I try to get her out and about for awhile. However, my back obviously has other plans. Thank goodness I hadn’t told Mother of my plans (she gets very excited so we don’t build in a lot of anticipation) Note to self: don’t follow shampooing the carpet with some outside painting.
I’m still feeling guilty but since I’m on the downhill slope of a synopsis, (and it’s not an erotica for a change) I know how I’m going to spend my day. First, however, comes this blog.
Hopefully it doesn’t show, but I’m tripping over my lower lip because I won’t be attending the RWA conference this year. I’ve promised myself it’ll be different next year, but that doesn’t help my present case of envy. Ah well.
As for what I have in mind for today’s blog, I’m stealing from what I wrote on another blog yesterday because I believe the two pieces of information bear repeating. Hopefully you’ll agree.

The first news bite comes from a local writer friend. Instead of trying to do justice by what she told me, I’ve copied and pasted and am throwing it out here. Hopefully blog readers will see the poignant message behind it. In brief, yes, bad things sometimes happen to good people. But, and its a big BUT sometimes those people get up, wipe themselves off, and go on with their lives. So without further ado (whatever that is), here’s the news:
“I’m sure you remember me telling everyone about Airleaf Publishers and the owner being prosecuted after ripping off thousands of dollars from trusting authors – well, the woman who spearheaded the investigation into the scams has come up with a plan to help all the authors (over 400 to date!) and she devised a bookselling plan. A number of us sent her start-up money to hire a good web designer. We get one book on the main page and any other books, and their description, on the author’s personal page with linksto the publisher’s site. We each agreed to buy five books during the next year from the authors listed. As more sign up, the money will be used to advertise the site. The site is up and running. Please have a look at
Second, I belong to Novelists Inc, an organization open to published writers committed to keeping their heads above water in this sometimes storm-tossed career. I pay my dues because the focus is on the business aspects of my career. They have a fab conference, relaxed and intimate and honest which, sob, sob, I didn’t get to attend this year. Recently the members decided to start their own blog. Yes, I know, the Net is filled with blogs and of course The Bradford Bunch is the best, but I’m heartedly inviting writers and readers alike to check out what’s becoming available. The decision was made to stand out from most writer-sponsored blogs by not focusing on self-promoting. Instead, the concentration will be on everything from how-to pieces to interviews with publishing professionals. As an example of what’s coming up—
“Starting next week, we will be having industry guests blog on Wednesdays. We’ll start with Liz Scheier, senior editor, Del Rey. The following week we’ll host agent Emmanuelle Alspaugh of Wendy Sherman Associates. And in coming weeks we’ll hear from Suzanne Beecher, owner of Dear Reader; M. J. Rose, New York Time Bestselling author, publicist and owner of Author Buzz; and agent Jennifer Jackson of Donald Maass Literary Agency.”
Oh, where to check this out, you’re asking. Simple:
Bye for now, Vonna


Saturday Morning Quiet — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, Vonna/Vella! Hope your back is feeling better and your synopsis is done!

    Interesting idea to have an authors co-op to sell books. I hope this works out well!

    I’ve heard of NINC, but don’t know much about it. I did a quick look at their blog, but will need to go back and read more as the industry professionals offer their opinions.

    Thanks for the heads-up for both of these url’s!

    I won’t be going to RWA National this year either, but figure it will be a good time to catch up on other things as the loops should slow down. I’m looking forward to hearing all the hot news, though, from those who take their laptops and can keep in touch!

  2. No nationals for me either since I’m saving my $ to buy a sequined sheath gown & a neon headdress for my “First Sale” conference in 2009.

    And remember: guilt and synopses don’t mix. Maybe bitter desperation, seething hatred and synopses mix. Definitely synopses and hard whiskey mix…

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