SEDUCED BY SHADOWS is out there!

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It’s finally here! The release month of my first published book. Almost a hundred rejections over more than ten years on nearly a million final draft words — rounded to the nearest heartache. When I say “finally!” I’m serious.

Rumor has it, my hero Ferris Archer has been seen racing half nekkid around bookshelves in a Books-A-Million in the Nashville area. That’s the site of next year’s national RWA conference, so I think it’s an auspicious sign. I am tempted to set up camp in my local bookstore and wait, but I wouldn’t wish to importune.

Someone asked me the other day how it feels to have a dream come true. But does it count as a dream if it takes so much work? I don’t work very hard in my dreams, unless I’m running away from monsters. Not that hard work alone counts for much either. There’s that pesky luck/fate/serendipity to take into account too.

So let’s see, the formula I followed to get this far:
Hard work + a million words X 10 years / 100 rejections + (100% persistence/x% luck) = Book

Yeah, that doesn’t seem likely, does it? Maybe I’m still dreaming. Well, don’t wake me up.

SEDUCED BY SHADOWS is available (or will be next week!) at all major bookstores and online.

Read Chapter 1 on my website and check out my “Possession Prize Pack” giveaway for the month of October, or read the prequel short story introducing the world of the Marked Souls at Borders online.

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