SF – Fabulous Town for a Conference . . .

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Yes, San Francisco is a great town for a conference, probably one of the very best I can think of. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it this year. I really regret it. As a general rule, regardless of where it’s held, National is energizing, inspiring, a good place to both water the horses and refill the well, an opportunity to connect with others you usually visit with only by e-mail, including your editor, your agent, perhaps future versions of the aforementioned, or a long-distance critique group or partner. If you need hope or fire or courage kindled in you, National is definitely the place to get those things. It’s good for both published and unpublished writers alike–there is something for everyone at National. It’s a chance to talk with other people who understand this business, all that mystifying minutiae that causes the eyes of your family and non-writer friends to glaze over and offer a vague comment such as, “That’s nice, dear,” or “That’s too bad, dear.” And I missed it, dang it all.

If you did too, keep your eyes on the prize in Washington DC next summer. Regrets are a bummer to drag around behind you and life is too short for them–bags of books and luggage are much more fun!


SF – Fabulous Town for a Conference . . . — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry you weren’t there Alexis. But put those regrets behind you and try a little vicarious living this month. Then plan for D.C. I used to live there, so I’m really looking forward to being back. Then Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry Hotel. Now that is a FABULOUS hotel. Let’s all have books to sign that year.

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