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Heather Hiestand

Currently Working on: Keeping Baby Andy out of the hospital. He was just released for the second time today. I’m trying to Twitter about our life now – I’m at Heather’s Twitter.

Mood: Relieved he’s home.

The best promo I know is simply to keep the releases coming. Or, even better, make someone else do it. I just sold 20 copies of an oldish Anh Leod novel because it’s part of the Hunters For Hire series at Ellora’s Cave (multi-author series) and someone had a new release. Pretty cool, if you ask me!

I haven’t written much for nine months, and have finished nothing. Maybe if Andy can stay home I can start finding time to work again (are you laughing yet, Jenna?).

Meanwhile, here’s a fresh poem. Because I actually started as a poet.

Second Draft

By Heather Hiestand

The horses were talking-
A coffee klatch.
As I drove through the rain
It’s surgery again.

Just yesterday we were dancing
To your first country song.
Pretty Taylor Swift was singing low;
We were twirling enough to know.

And now we’re drinking coffee made by nurses
Up a hill I hate to drive.
I’m wondering why the storybooks
Have only secret messages inside.

Still, the horses were talking.
Was it about you?
Spinning through your dreams
Waiting for me to come through.


The best promo — 6 Comments

  1. Career deadlines are flexible, savoring baby time is mandatory.

    Thanks for the picture, you’ve still got a few hills to hike across until you and Andy settle into a comfortable routine. But those hills will be nothing in comparison to the mountain you’ve already conquered. All the best and PAMPER yourself too! It will be good for Andy.

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