The last shot…for now!

Status: At the hospital, but baby Andy is in deep sleep so I got to pull out my laptop for a few minutes. Only 3 days behind in email!

Writing: Good grief, no. But if the baby comes home next week, maybe I’ll have time in July!

But still…I had one last release a bit ago, the last story I finished before all the craziness began, and it’s up for something this weekend. If you want to vote, here is the info:

Playing Lycan Games from Scarlet Rose is up for “best read of the week” at Whipped Cream erotic romance reviews.

Voting runs from Saturday, 6/13, through Sunday, 6/14). The link is here:

Please vote if you have time!

Heather Hiestand/Anh Leod

Vote here


The last shot…for now! — 7 Comments

  1. OMG, the baby is sooo adorable. I had already voted for another book (friend from another loop), but then realized I could vote again from my husband’s computer, so presto chango, you got my vote, too! I’m up for best of the week on the non-erotic side for Centurion. Take care of that little (and I do mean little) bundle…and yourself. 🙂

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