The Power of Touch

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I read somewhere that in order for a child to survive, he or she needs 4 loving touches per day, for that child to grow, he or she needs 8 loving touches per day, and for the child to flourish, he or she needs 12 loving touches per day.

My goal is to meet the need for 12 loving touches per day for both of my children as well as the many other children in my care. A touch to the hand or the shoulder. A quick hug. Ruffling my son’s hair or rubbing my daughters back as she does her homework. Simple and easy yet sometimes I get so busy doing everything else that I forget to just be. Be a mom. Be a wife. Be a friend.


The Power of Touch — 6 Comments

  1. I had six kids…so let’s see; 12 touches each per day times 6 kids equals…72 loving touches. ~Sigh~ Do group hugs count? I certainly hope so. I now have one grandchild I can touch every day…what happens if you give them more than 12? I think I give her about 30 a day…No wonder I’m so well adjusted. ~LOL~

  2. Terri, you are so right and there is a lot of good research to back you up. This is one of the reasons I think it is so sad that teachers don’t feel free to touch kids at all anymore.

    Good for you for paying close attention to your children. I think it goes for adults too. I can remember one year following a divorce when I bet I wasn’t touched lovingly more than 12 times in the year. Those 12 times were at church. So, everyone be sure to extend your loving touches to your adults friends and family too. They need it just as much.

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