The Schizophrenic Muse

Posted by: Minnette Meador
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I have been blessed (cursed?) with a bi-polar/schizophrenic Muse. Among her personalities is a six year old named Anna, a crusty old has-been wizard named Nebuchadnezzar, a horny little vixen we like to refer to as Musan, and a died in the wool fifty something romantic named Belle who loves hunks, kick ass heroines, and Rome. In the wings, also shouting for attention, are a rumpled sleuth, a ray gun totting alien, a “ghost” writer, and several others whom I haven’t met yet. ~Sigh~ It is very difficult to keep them all fed.

Currently, I’m working with my little vixen and the “ghost” writer. These two really don’t get along. They bicker constantly and give me such a headache. One takes my libido out for a ride and wants me to write about nothing but sex, sex, sex. It’s exhausting! The other just keeps me scared to death. It’s an interesting dichotomy.

I get asked a lot why I write in so many genres and my stock answer is usually because I read so many genres. I’ve never met a genre (or sub-genre) I didn’t like.

So, what about you? Here’s an opportunity for my lovely Rose City Romance Writer community to answer a few questions about the venerable Muse and all her personalities:

1. Do you find yourself fighting off the Schizophrenic Muse?
2. If not, how do you cope with all the personalities?
3. Do you change your name for each genre or do you keep your name on all of it?

So far, (~fingers crossed~ ~lucky dance~ ~positive thoughts~) my Muse only lets one or two personalities out at a time. I’m waiting for the day when I write a romantic paranormal sci-fi fantasy comedy children’s book where the protagonist is a wizard, the bad guy is a gun totting detective, and the heroine captains a spaceship full of six year olds who talk to dead people. Now, there’s a sub-genre for you! 🙂

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The Schizophrenic Muse — 7 Comments

  1. I have three different writing personalities and they haven’t come into conflict yet. There’s my nonfiction writer, who’s very businesslike and no nonsense. There’s my more alternative-gothy-edgy writer, who has only ever written for alt-gothy-edgy newspapers and magazines (although she’s starting to make noises like she wants to start writing erotica so I may have a different answer by the end of the year). Then there’s my romance writer. She writes sweet, gentle love stories and no one is quite sure where the hell she came from because “sweet” and “gentle” are among the *last* adjectives that would be used by people who know me to describe me. I do have different pen names for each of them and think of them as different people (to the point that I will refer to them by their names, as if they weren’t all a part of me ~ I’m not 100% sure it’s healthy lol). Luckily, since they write such drastically different works, keeping them separate hasn’t been too hard (for now, anyway).

  2. Oh, Minnette, it might be kinda fun to turn all the personalities of your Muse out at the same time and let them play. The result may be a story that only other writers can appreciate, but you might set an entirely new trend!

    My first reaction to how many Muses live inside my head was one. However, perhaps they’re just blended so well that they deceive me. My stories tend toward the dramatic. Sometimes with lots of humor; sometimes with lots of action and adventure. There always seem to be kids and pets and a large supporting cast.

    Hmm…maybe my Muse is the sane one! LOL!

  3. Too funny, Pauline – Maybe that sweet side should meet the Gothic side…I’m seeing sweet romance girl chooses bad boy vampire in the works. There’s your sweet, Gothic, and your erotic! ~teehee~

  4. G – I think there are more personalities hidden under that smoking cauldron of creativity between your ears…I’m sure you’re right; what I would give for a little balance! 🙂

  5. Love the photo, Minnette! It looks like it’s an ivory carving to me. And it visually expresses exactly how I think of my muse(s). Where does one begin and the other end? Are they Siamese twins? Is there a word salad type of thing that schizophrenics experience, where they start talking about one thing, only the first word associates with and leads to something else, which clicks with yet another word, and so all they’re doing is speaking a stream of loosely associated words instead of expressing thoughts?

    Sometimes my Muse(s) seem to be leadng me around in circles-spirals-meandering paths-winding rivers-lakes-drying up puddles-

    Yikes! Have they stolen my mind by sticking me on a whirling carousel? Where’s my story, you nasty creatures?

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